Do you believe If a Married Mother works. Do you believe ideally she should work part time?

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  • It depends on the woman.

    Some mothers can be like supermums: work full time ans still spend plenty of time with their family and like a housewife at the same time. Others have more difficulty doing it. If a mother decides she wants to work part time, that is her decision. If she decides she wants to work full time, that is her decision and no one has the right to condemn her for that. You wouldn't condemn a new father for working full time when his child is a newborn would you? So why condemn the mother? A child needs both his/her mother and father. Don't tell a woman what she should do with her life just because you find it ideal. It's none of your business. If working part time is what works for her and her family, then just let it go and let it be!!!

  • No I do not

    Idealy women should be able to work full time, if they want to. I have a strong contempt for this gender roles nonsense that is proposed by Rabbinical Jews, Christians, and Muslims, it is completely and abjectly wrong, in Kataism women and men are exactly equal to each other and women are not given these roles.

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