Do you believe in any form of spirituality?

Asked by: knu
  • Yes Islam the true Religion

    Islam is the only true relgion, how do we know because God created us, and the book he gave us, The Holy Quran is a perfect book and no one has been able to make a chapter like it, we also people that lizardpeople, mothman, el chupacabra, the jersey devil, lochness monster, leprechauns, werewolves, vampires, dragons, ufos, aliens, fairies... Etc are all real, I believe they are all Jinns and that the Devil is real and he is a fallen jinn who lives in the Bermuda Triangel and sends his devils to whisper to our Qareens (companion jinn) to tell us to do bad things or to make us see ghosts, ufos, and other apparitions

    I believe the illuminati exists and they are working for Satan so they can expand Israel and make way for the Dajjal, the antichrist, but Imam Mahdi (as) will come and fight him, and Prophet Jesus (as) will return and kill the antichrist, and then when Prophet Jesus (as) passes awa inlillahewainarajeoon then the Day of Judgement will being inshallah

    Become a good muslim today and you will go to heaven inshallah

    to start off Declare There is no God and Muhammad (saw) is His Prophet

    and your journey to paradise begins inshallah

  • What do you mean by spiritual?

    It depends with what you mean with spiritual. But I think you mean like something bigger than everything that exists. Something supernatraul. Then its a big no because there is no proof of any god or spiritual force. If you feel "the touch of god" it's just an placebo. Myself is in great awh by the universe but I dont see that as something spiritual.

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