Do you believe in conspiracy theories? Why/why not?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Chance alone would suggest that a certain number of conspiracy theories are true.

    If its true that most conspiracy theories are complete paranoid delusions, and I think it probably is true, then at least a small number of them must be actual conspiracies.

    Why do I have to provide at least 50 words? You trying to get something specific out of me?
    I......(that's 50, and I'm not giving any more. The ones inside these parenthesis don't count. I don't know what you guys are playing at, but I'm not buying into it.)

  • It all depends on the subject matter.

    Of course conspiracy theories are true, Not all, but many. The moon landing, for example, was a massive hoax on the world by a country that did not foresee the advancement of worldwide communication that would eventually expose the lie, that being the internet.
    9/11 was an obvious inside job. And the Boston Marathon, well, who could forget the amazing Carlos and his heroic antics.
    And of course some conspiracy theories are rubbish, like lizard people, for example, but one does have to wonder about the source of such theories. Ridiculing the opposition is a commonly used shill technique, after all.

  • A conspiracy theory is just what it is.... A THEORY

    I enjoy researching and learning about conspiracies, but without any compelling evidence, there is no reason to believe them. Many conspiracies are plausible but that doesn't mean you should accept them as fact. Just as you shouldn't accept other theories like evolution and hollow earth as fact. Thank you and God bless.

  • Conspiracies are not Conspiracies when backed by evidence

    Many people assert that there's conspiracies with evidence however the evidence is never verified properly by anyone, conspiracies stop being conspiracies when there's verified to be true.

    People shouldn't believe in things without evidence however if there's an investigation, it would point to the conspiracy if it were to be true, however conspiracies are claims when the evidence fails to point towards the conspiracy or if there was no investigation in the first place.

    So conclusion:

    I don't believe in things without evidence, I only investigate the evidence we have and follow where it leads, any other claim that doesn't follow the evidence is discarded, welcome to the beginning of science.

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