• I believe in destiny,

    I don't believe in coincidences. I've experienced destiny a few times and that may seem silly, but I think it's just a matter of open-mindedness : you believe in it or you don't. I'm not saying that destiny is a real thing, because I can't advance that sort of argument but that is my point of view.
    I just think we all have this kind of "fate", that our lives are already programmed and written somewhere in the skyline but I do believe that we grow thanks to OUR choices. Those choices are supposed to guide us through life, and in my opinion, the choices that we make may take us to different places ; but still approaching the path already planned for us. I mean, why would we have the preferences and tastes and likings that we do?
    I also believe strongly that we were meant to meet every person we met throughout our entire life. All of our acquaintances are supposed to bring us a message, teach us something important that can help us to move on, or learn a lesson.

    Posted by: Capu
  • It is a good game

    I admit, it's story is lacking, but I didn't buy destiny for a story. I bought it for an epic fps adventure. Completing story missions is a breeze, but bungie actually tried to make it hard to hit the max level. Destiny is a game about teamwork. If you don't have friends to play with, this isn't the game for you.

  • I have News:

    I have experienced destiny all of my life.
    It dances all around me for I know it exists and understand nothing is by chance. I was told a piece of my future and despite that it was a good thing I dismissed it as nonsense, because I thought I knew more/ better than the thing called my destiny. Many, many years later against all odds that destiny was fulfilled. This is just one of many ways destiny has shown her work to me. I believe the words by Jean de La Fontaine, explain it well, " A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it"
    In my experience destiny can be altered, but there is always a reason, want to know more wait for my book, "The Truth About Miracles," out later this year..
    Don't fear destiny, embrace it, for it is your friend, not your enemy.

  • I don't think destiny ever existed

    Man may be walking by faith but it is the sight which prevents man from tripping over things.Destiny may be a powerful thing but if man can conquer his mind , his soul then why not his destiny ? God may show the path but after all it is we who has to walk.

  • Well why we are not all, what we want to be (Happiness, love, money, etc)

    If we could be all we wants/ed to be, why are we not. Some of us may haven't/hadn't put the time and effort to be who they want to be. Someone of us do have a all of goals and dreams. Why someone of us despite the hard work, learning, teaching still can be that person we wish/want to be (Whoever that person is) Rich, famous, healthy, content, lovable, etc...
    I do believe destiny is true. It seems like it is a pre- planed event we all have in our lives. I'm not sure why, but I do know a lot of people who aren't who they want to be/ despite all they do/did that let me believe they is a higher power will we all needs to obey and respect.

  • MAKTUB "it is already written"

    Everything is already written. Whether you work hard for something, if your destiny is to fail. Then you will fail. If your destiny is to succeed, then you will succeed. Let us make the unemployed people as an example. They studied hard for college, and looked for job. But they just can't be accepted due to some matters. So that's their destiny. And it is already written. But that doesn't mean you should not work hard for something. There might be something really destined for you, it may be not what you expected, but there is something.

  • It's what's happening

    What if it wasn't in your destiny to be working hard? Things happen for a reason, mostly one we can't explain. That's what destiny is. What if you had decided to go to the mall instead of the market? Did you think you beat your destiny. No. The mall was your destiny. Anything and everything can be considered your destiny.

  • Destiny Is A Possibility

    I do believe there can be truth to destiny. It seems sometimes when we shoot for a goal, it was almost like everything was aligned to make sure that goal was met and destiny was achieved. Other times it is a path of gried, strife, and a lot of hard work.

  • We walk by faith not by sight

    I do believe in destiny. That we are destined to be in this world, to do great things which are our purpose, to meet our soulmates somehow and more. It doesn't mean if you believe in destiny you won't work your ass off and do some hard work. Remember that, the man plans his steps but the Lord determines his course. It gives us an eminent wonder and magical feeling whenever we believe in things that we think are impossible such as destiny or serendipity or soulmates. Even the word itself says I'M POSSIBLE. So please, believe what you want to. We are free to do these things and not be border-lined by any rules, logics, political, and any psychological issues. Miracles happen and magic too. There are many occurences in our world we can't explain why because you don't have to make an explaination on it. You just have to enjoy it and live by it! God bless!

  • I believe in destiny

    I believe that as children we choose our own destiny. We make a subconcious pact with god as to what we want our lives to be. it is up to us to follow our dreams and ambitions. God is there for guidance. We all lose our way at times , but feel this pull trying to get us back on course. stay on course it was meant to be.

  • No, I do not believe in destiny

    We have a free will and we have a mind to use to guide us. Many of us are also borne in faith that we use to help guide us. but because we have a free will, and that there are so many forces acting upon us to make the choices necessary for our lives, we can control our future or destiny in a variety of ways.

  • No I do not

    No, I do not believe in destiny. Destiny is something manufactured by people to make them feel better about their compulsions. We make our own destiny. What happens to us in life is often a direct result of the way we live and the choices we make. While some things seem wonderful and directed, they are really just coincindinces

  • No

    I do not believe in destiny. We have to make our own destiny. We can not just sit back and let things happen. We have to work hard for what we need and what we want. Destiny is something that will happen with hard work and hard work only. Not just waiting for it to happen.

  • I actively refuse destiny though I cannot disprove it.

    Destiny implies that our life is pointless. It implies that what we do and what we strive for; our dreams, our hopes and our goals, do not depend on our passion or hard work. I refuse that. I maintain that to gain happiness in life, my actions, my choices, all matter. If I choose to kill a guy, it will not be because it is written in my future. I had a choice whether to kill a person and I believe that my future will be affected by that choice. My choices impact my life and I refuse that the end of my life's story is decided before I live it completely and make my choices in it.

  • I don't think destiny ever existed

    Man may be walking by faith but it is the sight which prevents man from tripping over things.Destiny may be a powerful thing but if man can conquer his mind , his soul then why not his destiny ? God may show the path but after all it is we who has to walk.

  • No i dont believe in it.

    We all have to be responsable with what we do, everything is according to our own choice, when thing will happen to us, we always think first then do the action in it.We cannot depend on fate cause we all have given our own free will.So why consider that what happened is already our destiny.

  • Follow us blindly.

    Man is his own creator, it is with our works and our choices that create our possibilities and our future. We continually deny destiny with technology, each person treads their own path unhindered by the constraints of destiny or a God and each person deserves full credit for all their own actions. To say there is destiny is to say you are a slave.

  • Look at the definition.

    Destiny= a set of predetermined events within your life that you take an active course in shaping.
    While these events are predetermined, your reactions and choices based on these events are what shape your life, your "destiny". There is no way of knowing what you will do, or say or how you will react because you are constantly changing; every minute you are changed and you are a different person, so in the end, while the events are supposedly predetermined, your choices based on these events are not, and thus there is no way of knowing how your path in life will branch out-- you will never know if you will take left or right when the road splits because you wont be the same person when the time comes.

  • Think about you you will lead your life or god

    I do not think that destiny existed because if my destiny is written by god that tomorrow i may die but i will be away from incidents of death then i will not die then we will say that what god has written of my destiny is wrong so i wont believe in destiny i believe in hard work and smart work so you can control your mind so there is no destiny dont believe

  • What the point, what the purpose?

    If we have destiny what is the purpose of law? What is the purpose of rules? What is the purpose of free will? What is the purpose of our life? What is the purpose of God on creating us? To fulfill our destiny? So why did God created us with the ability to reason to think, to analys, if i were God i will create a robot? Why? Why not, robots are perfect in fulfilling their destiny they just go what they were programed. By the way, are we robots? No! We are humans we have a freedom to decide that is why we have rules law commandment because we dont have a destiny we have a free will, choose e decide.So if you be live in destiny then its my destiny to persuade you not to believe in destiny... (RIP english) hahahnaha...

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