• God is Real

    The chances of all of this complex universe happening without the existence of an involved God who cares about his creation are less than a million billion to one. It is kind of lame to believe in chance when the odds are that low. I don't even bother to play the lottery because a million to one is too low. It's much easier to believe in God than to believe the one in one million billion chance that He does not exist and care about what He made.

  • I am a believer...

    First of all, we must begin by asking the right question. I could easily assume that there is a God, and go from there, but I won't. Instead, I'm going to begin with this: why do we have something rather than nothing? It's a very famous question, one that has puzzled countless minds for centuries. Still, however, it remains. Why do we have something rather than nothing? There are four basic answers to this question that seem to encompass basically every known belief system.

    Door 1: Reality is an illusion-a belief held predominantly in many Eastern religious sects such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.
    Door 2: Reality is self-created-a term known in science as "spontaneous generation" predominantly held by some evolutionists
    Door 3: Reality is eternal-a view many naturalists, and skeptics alike would agree with
    Door 4: Reality is the product of an eternal Creator-the view of Christians, Muslims, Jews, deists, etc.

    So...Let's start with door number one: illusionary universe. This sort of asks the question, "do I really exist? Well, by nature, you must exist in order to doubt your own existence. It is summed up in the words of Rene Descartes when he said, "I think, therefore I am". So that door is out.
    Next door: self-created universe. In order for this to occur, we would have to commit a logical fallacy. The premise in and of itself implies that the universe existed prior to its existence. Not really a tenable position for a logical thinker.

    So now we're left at a crossroads. Something exists, you cannot have something from nothing, and in the end there has to be an eternal "something". Either eternal universe, or eternal God. So what do we do now? We simply ask ourselves, where does the evidence point? If you look at any scientific data, in fact all key scientific data to date, what does it point towards? Eternal universe, or eternal God? Anyone who closes the door on God (door 4) must automatically choose door 3 (eternal universe) but all evidence points away from eternal universe. Look at Einstein's theory of relativity, the fact of the expanding universe, the laws of thermodynamics, etc. They all point to a finite universe, and therefore an eternal God.

  • There cannot be an infinite regress of causes.

    The first cause can be described by a number of characteristics deduced from the reality that it is the first cause of all things. This, is the God of orthodox theism, and the one described in the Bible. So I am quite comfortable calling the first cause of all things, God.

    My complete argument can be spelled in length if someone wishes to talk.

  • God is Great

    I do believe in God. All of us are blessed with lots of beautiful things and moments each and every single day. Someone is looking out for us. That's why miracles happen and people heal and why the prayer has so much power. This is all because of our heavenly father.

  • YES, I believe

    I do believe in God. I admit that sometimes I do have my doubts and I'm unsure. However, It's SO important for people to believe in a God of some kind. We need to keep the faith in order to help us get through life and the difficulties of life. Sometimes it gets hard, and we need faith to turn to.

  • Yes I believe in God

    I certainly believe there is a God. I am proud of my faith and am certain that there is a higher authority that brought us here. The uniqueness and intricacy of our Earth, solar system and universe could not just be the result of a universal explosion. And even if it was, there needed to be an overall power that put things in place for even that to happen. I also believe that prayer works and that miracles occur, again, the result of a loving and true God.

  • Everything says yes.

    I do believe there is one God. Although I am not against the Big Bang, I do believe that there might be a way that God has brought us into the world through scientific ways. Without God's help, how can order and human intellect come from just 2 things colliding without the hand of a Supreme Being. Just think of it as thus:

    The second law of thermodynamics states the the universe is always favoring a state that goes from order to disorder so how do humans evolve into such an orderly state from disorder without the help of a Supreme Being?

  • God is Real.

    I believe in God. I am a Christian which means I also believe Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I think that the world had to have been created by God. Everything is two perfect to be an accident. For Atheists there is no meaning of Life and that is bad.

  • I believe in God.

    I am a Christian and I believe Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior. I can't comprehend how the Universe could be created by a single atom exploding. So yes I am a believer and so are most people. I think the belief in God is important for human civilization.

  • Why I believe God is our heavenly father

    God gave us a choice he didn't just say believe in me or else I'll take everything from you. People just say those hurtful things because they think their the strongest people. All the romans kept making fun of Jesus because he would forgive people for their sins or actions. Some people only believed in god not Jesus like peter.Jesus is trying to have us repent and be fishers of men. I go to church on Saturday and I believe in God and Jesus and I'm not afraid so why should others.

  • 0 evdience whatsoever

    Look at all those silly people in the yes section, and I cal them silly because what they do goes against logic, it goes against logic to believe something exists which has no proof of existing and god has no proof, 0 evidence of existing at all, maybe once there is actual EVIDENCE my opinion might change, untill then the people who believe ''god'' exists are just delusional

  • The chance of god existing is zero percent

    “I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish Church, by the Roman Church, by the Greek Church, by the Turkish Church, by the Protestant Church, nor by any Church that I know of. My own mind is my own Church.”
    Thomas Paine (1794)


  • It's ILLOGICAL and proven fake.

    A true loving creator God who is claimed to be omnipotent or omniscient would not create Judaism, Christianity and Islam and allowed them to kill each other. If there was a Creator, he should not be omnipotent. Beliefs by Abrahamic religions are flawed since Hinduism and Chinese religions have similar creator God concept too although they don't claim their gods to be omnipotent or omniscient.

  • I Do Not Believe in God.

    The reason I do not believe in God is because someone would have to created God, who created God?

    How old is God, how come he cannot tell you his age? Because he does not exist.

    The only thing you will find inside a male made building also known as a Church built by males is Oxygen and Fresh Air Not God.

  • I Do Not Believe in God.

    The reason I do not believe in God is because someone would have to created God, who created God?

    How old is God, how come he cannot tell you his age? Because he does not exist.

    The only thing you will find inside a male made building also known as a Church built by males is Oxygen and Fresh Air Not God.

  • Religion is Disgusting

    My fucking testicles fell off. How come "god" didn't prevent that. Testicles. Testicles. Testicles. What a shame. God isn't great. God is lame. Fuck me Jesus. Fuck me hard. Just make sure you use protection Jesus I don't need your aids. My asshole is crying cause Jesus inserted his hard cock into my tight asshole.

  • God is Not Real

    I don't believe in God. The idea of there being someone who knows everything about me, someone who sees everything I'm doing, and someone who decides what is right and wrong, and someone who makes the decision when to take lives scares me. I hate it when a child dies and people automatically say "God took another angel" or "Heaven gained an angel". No. That child did not die because God thought it was time. They died because they died.

    I think that people invented God because they wanted to be able to turn to someone when times were hard. They felt comfort in knowing that there would be someone who loved them no matter what.

  • Yes and No

    If there is a god, he only exists for a few and not all. He does not exist for me as he does not care about me. He gives me a sniff of something to just take it away from me . He is Probably real, but do NOT depend on him since he is someone very vengeful, someone very angry over something we did wrong millions of years ago. I do not believe in him, I never will. May you all have good lives. And may you find the answers you are looking for.

  • What gives god the right to decide what is considered right or wong?

    The whole ideology of religion and an all powerful entity - 'god' is flawed to the very last wrong fundamentally interpreted scripture. How can god be nothing but everything, see everyone but not know everyone. If he is so powerful but lets bad things happen to the world, what kind of god does that make it. Why does 'god' get to chose whats right or wrong when we don't even know how 'god' was supposedly created. I do not condemn religion or Christianity but i do condemn the small minded who use the belief systems as justification for awful crimes. God is not real, life is what we make it. The sooner we all realise that the better.

  • Skeptical Ignostic Atheist

    I'm a skeptic above all and if i see that if there is no evidence to support the conclusion then it should be ignored. That includes anything that is observed, so if there is no evidence for a god philosophically or hypothetically than why believe in it at all? Especially any one of the books that the supposed god wrote and it turns out that there are countless things that are flawed with that book such as the bible that modern science science can easily dispute and explain. I just think give it 2 more thousand years and i wouldn't doubt that it dies out with logic and reason with some other type of god/gods that wrote a book like Scientology or some BS. Science logic reasoning should always be above any thing else.

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