• I do believe

    In Heaven (with God) and Hell (separation from God). On the contrary, there is good evidence to believe in God, and good evidence to believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And since the Bible teaches there is a heaven and hell, and there is good evidence to support the Bible's reliability, I therefore believe in heaven and hell.

  • Yes I do

    I think there is a Heaven and a Hell I want to go to Heaven when I die heaven is real hell is real and I am a Christian I believe in this but what do you believe I believe in a Heaven and Hell what do you think on this?

  • I dont believe in god or anything any religion says

    There is no evidence to believe in heaven or hell , or whatever any religion says about afterlife , i think that when we die , our brain stops working and we cease to exist , and thats it , there's no more. And if we think is the most logical thing to expect. , non-existence .We dont have to rely on beliefs in this matter because in that case we would be making factic claims - when i die my soul goes to heaven(or hell)- without no empirical evidence , and there is nothing more unwise than that , as we turn a physical phenomenom into a methaphysical or teological one.

  • I do not believe in heaven or hell.

    I believe when I die, i will go to neither heaven or hell. My soul will move on and take the form of another living thing. It doesn't matter what that thing is, but i believe that my soul will keep moving on from being to being in a never ending travel across the universes.

  • I don't really know....But

    I just believe that when we see that bright light that some people see when they are in a near death state , it is us opening our eyes in a new life. This life that we live right now may just be a trial , the real test to determine who you are will begin when we die here and open our eyes for the first time in the next.

  • I don't believe in a literal heaven and hell.

    I do not believe that heaven and hell are real places because of there's no evidence for either one existing. I do, however, believe that heaven and hell are either a state of mind or a state of being. The evidence isn't strong enough to justify believing that heaven and hell are literal and real places that people to go when they die.

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