• Yes they should

    Men need to see the responsibility of marriage more than the romance of it. Poligamy places more focus on the man in a leadership role. Without giving the women direction the women will not stay. They will wander away. It takes a focus of higher values to keep the family together. Higher values than just sex. A man must be a good leader to have several wives. It is a higher calling. Monogamous marriages place a lot of weight on sex being the glue that holds it together together. Little is spit on the husbands leadership. They are not even respected. This does not give children a good role model. 60% of monogamous marriages end in divorce.. There by men have more than one wife, but leave one to have another thereby leaving children with a man who is not there father and children seeing the father as not important. Poligamy is because of a man's need for more than relationships. This need manifests with divorce when Poligamy is not allowed . Is it healthy for society for so many people to have this dislocation with people they were family with. Children, wives. Husbands, all thrown into a vacuum. Disconnected from the women and children they loved .

  • Be equal all the way,or none at all.

    If there was reason found enough to legalize homosexual marriage, then there is just as,and personally I feel more reason to legalize polygny marriages. There's no excuses why it can't be. In polygny, there atleast can be natural ways for the procreation of our species. I don't believe its fair,nor just. But I believe its only a matter of time til it is legalized.

  • Well Why Not?

    If we have marriage between two people, why not marriage between more than two people? What's the problem? There is none. People like to claim that it is basically cheating on someone with someone else whenever you please. This is absolutely ridiculous. It is actually possible to love more than one person at a time, and want to marry more than one person.

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