• Yes i tell you y

    I was in 8th grade and i fell in love with a girl (i wont tell u the name)
    the first time i saw her make me fell instance fellings for her in the first
    time i saw her and i bet millions of people fell the same felling too

  • Love at first site is for real

    Ill tell you why its real because I'm living it. Well a little over 5 years ago I met my wife through a friend and the second I saw he I said to him I'm going to marry her today, tomorrow, next week, year or 10 years. Point is I would marry her. Well we got together may off 2011 and wed 4 months later to the day in September and now are still very happily married for 5 years. I wouldn't change a thing and I'm still in love with her as much as when I first saw her and more.

  • How I Know

    Okay, so I believe in love at first sight for many reasons actually. Lets start off with one. Say if your pregnant you go to get an ultrasound done and you see that living breathing creature inside of you, and once its born you are so in love with this person, this stranger. It cant talk to you quite yet but you know damn well your going to love that child without a doubt. Second reason, same thing with a pet you take on a love for animal and basically call it your family. Third reason. When my mom first met my dad she almost immediately told her friends "I'm going to marry that man." They've been together for 20 years now and still are going strong and trust me they've been through so much you'd think they would be over. Those are my reasons why.

  • Love is love

    Okay, so you look at some one and you think you like that person, that is still love, if you look at your grandma for the first time, you still love her. You look at your pet for the first time, you still love them. You look at a celeb, you still love that person. You look at a random attractive person, why is it any different?

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  • Definitely A Possibility

    If we can chose our pets and love them at first sight why can't we do that with our significant other. It's not like it's going to kill us, our brains and hearts do their best to match us with someone we are compatible with whether in mind or looks, either way without that first moment of attraction, what else would people write about or how would we found the people we are suppose to be with

  • I believe there is love at first sight.

    I myself have never experienced this before, but physical appearance does play a big role when building relationships. I'm not saying that looking is more important than personality traits and inner qualities but if he/she is not attractive from the outside, I think you won't sense that special feeling of wanting to get to know him/her better at the first place.

  • Of course !

    I'm going to keep this short and simple. Why do you like someone in the first place ? Well because they look nice, pretty,confident or whatever the reason you fell in love with them in the first place is love at first sight. You look at someone and if they attract you, you talk to them. Boom love at first sight is real.

  • There are several types of love.

    Ok, perhaps romantic love at first sight isn't possible. BUT that isn't the only type of love. For example, a mother would say she loved her child from the instant the child was born. Perhaps it's not the first type of love we think about when the word is mentioned, but maternal and paternal love is regularly at first sight, even without knowledge of personality nor characteristics. Another, sexual love. You can fall in love sexually with a glance without prior knowledge of personality easily. But in the case of romantic love, it isn't possible. This type of love can not happen at a glance because is requires the wanting to spend the rest of you're life with said person, and without prior and deep understanding of the person's personality this isn't possible. Perhaps I've taken the question to literally, but love isn't absolute.

  • That's what other people say... Not for me.

    I'm just an ugly, school-loving kid who doesn't want a crush, but I'm sure "love at first sight" happens to everyone. At middle school, I promised myself to not get a crush since it would cause a lot of trouble... But what happens? SHE happens. I felt somewhat stressed, amazed, and captivated by her and I felt like a nervous wreck just by being near her. That's when I thought I fell in love at first sight. It's effect hasn't worn off for a couple of years. I tried just avoiding her as much possible, but she goes everywhere I go. I avoided, befriended, and embarrassed her through the years and I knew she doesn't like me. Thanks to my phone, I learned whether it's love at first sight or not. It was actually a major case of infatuation known as limerence, where you're obsessed over a person you like. I might have felt lust, but I'm still not sure yet. This could be true since she's one of the things I think about everyday away from her. I've also had my friends to help me, doodled her, and started a comic adaption of this story with my imagination. I used to be so afraid of being in love, and I was right. I never want this to happen to me again, so I'll just continue to be the loner I am. All this, just so I could be her friend... Even though this is my fault, it's her fault too since she came to my life in the first place (I'm sorry. I wanted to find a place to write out my feelings). Love at first sight might exist for other people, but I know isn't to me!

  • Its impossible to love at first sight.

    When one thinks of love they should think of it in the most intimate sense. Love cannot be thrown around because it is far more that an emotion or a feeling, its a state of being. Being in love does not essentially mean thinking of that person nonstop, being attracted to that person. Its a metaphysical connection of the soul. When you love someone you take into account all of their flaws and all of their promising aspects and chose to take them as they are. Love involves acceptance, and by that I mean that you love someone fully not halfheartedly. Love at first sight is impossible, because you don't know who that person is, they don't have a sign with everything about them on it. All you see is the exterior and you can like the way someone looks but you can't love them when you first see them. When you say you love someone you're insinuating that you love what they look like as well as who they are, if you don't know that then you cant love someone. Love without knowledge is not love at all, its lust and desire to know more. I'm 16 and even I know this....

  • Love is not in the air

    You cant just go looking at every guy or girl thinking that it is live at first sight. You have to get to know the person first before you think you love them. You want to now what their personality is. If you see a really pretty girl or a handsome guy, and later find out that they are complete jerks, then that will suck for you and you will be heart broken.

  • You have to get to know them

    If you claim to love someone at first site, that's exactly it. You only love the first glimpse of them. You don't actually know them yet. They could be an ax murderer or something, or they might actually be a nice person. My point is, you don't really know them, so its not true love.


    I'm not saying that I don't believe in love at first sight and I am not saying that I do. I feel that social media influences teens ways of loving a young man or women. For example just girly things tumblr post, "Best friends make the best relationships, feeling like you belong in his arms, hope that your relationships never ends, bad boys<3" These are some of the quotes I found of just girly things. I feel that the more people start to believe in that bad boys are cute or best friends make the best relationships, they began to search for those guys to be in a relationship. Once they search for it, then it wouldn't be considered love at first sight. Everyone is different in what they love, but when you are told what to love, then it wouldn't be considered love at first sight. Before we start to ask if we believe in love at first sight lets ask what love is?

  • It does not happen?

    You dont know about anything about that person. What do you share with that person? Love takes understanding, trust and time to develop. It feels like you want to become a better person for that person and accepting everything of that person. Doing it with just one look? Really? ~ ALJQ

  • You Can't Look at a Person For the First Time and Call it Love

    It is not possible to fall in love at first sight. It is called lust or desire. It's lust because don't know the person. You don't have a clue about their personality. Of course you could guess but they could be totally different on the inside. Spending time with the person is the best way to know if you're in love. If they were a mass murder would you love them then???

  • It is NOT REAL.

    For example, you saw a girl/boy and instantly admired her and you would even say "I'm in love." and then suddenly he/she was hit by a car. Would you cry? Would you mourn to death? NO. Because you don' know him/her at all. Yes, you get attracted at first sight but you can't call it love just because he/she is physically perfect for you.

  • Love at first night is not real.

    Love at first sight is not real simply because you can't love a person just by how they look. You fall in love when you get to know the person and know their personality. You may be attracted at first sight but not love. It's simple, you can't fall in love with looks.

  • Love is not real

    No one I know has tried to claim that they have fallen in love at first site because like me many people do not believe in it. People who claim to have fallen in love at first site often do not stay together very long. I do not believe in love at first site because you have to know the person first, there are books of fairy tales, and others do not believe in it. Love is not based on how someone looks but on how the 2 people are similar and complement each other. If love were based on looks every girl would fall in love with the same guy and every guy would fall in love with the same girl. Plus one can look amazing yet have a heart of sewage and be nothing like the man you imagined you would fall in love with. The saying, do not judge a book by its cover, is very prevalent here. There are also books of fairy tales if the concept of love at first site were true we would have no need for these stories instead we would read the real thing. As it is there are no or very few true books about “love at first site”. Imagine if love at first site was real we would have no need for dating, the first person people dated would be there husband, and couples would get married much faster. Love at first site is not real it is simply lust.

  • Love at first sight is not true.

    Love at first sight is not called love, its called lust. When I met this one girl, I thought she was pretty, but I wasn't in LOVE with her. But after I talked to her and became friends with her, I started to like her more and more, and now I love her with all my heart. When you see someone who's really "hot" its not "love" at first sight.

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