• He is real.

    He is a wonderful Man. Every time I hear only babies believe in him i her mad. I am ten, no where close to be a baby! Don't get embarresed for what you believe. I lied to my friend about it and know I feel horrible. She didn't even Care if i believed in him! I had lied for no reason. Think if your friends are your friends. But be honest. Santa is REAL!!!!!

  • In a such bad world... Good things exist...

    People say he's just a reason to shop, buy countless things and etc, well, I see him as an old man who dedicates his life time to help kids, to make them happy. We should make him as example for us, if everyone were a Santa Claus everyday, no.... Maybe only one day in their lives, can you imagine how many kids would be happy? He must exist! If not in the North Pole, in ourselves. Not only in December, but everyday. Go Santa!

  • "i think therfore i am"

    I truly believe in Santa Claus, the happiness he brings to children, and families, is to real not to believe in. People are always more giving, this time of the year then any other time because of the Christmas Spirit. It's the season of joy and love all because of jolly ole saint nick. So yes he is very real.

  • Believing In Santa Claus

    I always believed.
    Santa Claus is always that and that will not change.
    He comes around this time every year.
    I love him with all my heart and is like a second father.
    Always behaving myself and helping out a lot.
    Thank you Santa, you are the best guy around.
    Merry Christmas! Let your holiday spirit shine throughout the year.

  • I would rather believe

    Yes, we are all adults here. But, given the choice between believing in a symbol of hope and happiness, or not, I know which I would rather believe in. Given that Christmas originated as a pagan, rather than Christian, festival, I see no harm in believing in a non-religious figure and to celebrate the positives of such a figure. Children are taught that Santa Claus will only visit if they're good. Again, where is the harm? I would agree with many of the other opinions here that there is no evidence of the physical existence of Santa, but I think they're missing the point - Santa Claus is the embodiment of the spirit of Christmas - that willingness to forgive, to reconcile, to join with family and friends and to promote a spirit of goodwill. I know I'd rather believe than not....

  • If you believe , then its reality

    Yes , for sure S.C. Is used for commercial , and there is a misleading message , but the spirit of Christmas is very real .
    The need to forgive and be forgiven , to love and be loved , to be with your family and friends and share a meal that is why we celebrate Christmas and that's how we keep the spirit of Christmas, father Christmas alive , and REAL

  • He's just from the stories of our ancestors

    He's the repesentative of Christmas itself. Parents oftenly use him as a tool to calm their children or to make their children behave. Then the kids (grown up) use this story to their children and the cycle continues on and on.

    Conclusion: Santa is just a story for the kids

  • Santa Claus ain't coming to town

    Santa is a lovely story to give to children around Christmas and I see nothing wrong with it. But since we're adults here, debating adult things, then it should be without debate that Santa just isn't real. It's a lovely part of our European and American folklore, though, and the stories should continue.

  • No I do not

    I believe Santa Claus to be a publicity stunt to make money by promoting Christmas and encouraging people to buy as many gifts as possible for their kids even if it means telling them a lie that Santa exists and I am against that but for sure there has not been any evidence whatsoever that would support that Santa is real.

  • No, Santa Claus isn't real.

    Most people should realize that Santa Claus is not real at a fairly young age. I personally don't even really believe in Santa Claus as a symbol for Christmas-related ideas (e.g., being kind to others, believing in magic, etc.). He has become a symbol of the corruption of a religious holiday.

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