• I believe in soulmates 100%

    Yes, I do believe in soulmates. I believe that there is someone out there specifically made for us. In the back of our heads, a lot of us, consciously or unconsciously, look for our "soulmate", or someone who is "the one". A soulmate, to me at least, is someone you can be yourself with, someone who you can be sick, tired, dealing with problems, and they still love you and want to be with you. Now obviously there would be problems, whether big or small, but soulmates never let those things affect their relationship and always work things out. They love you, and want the best for you. You may get separated from them, whether temporarily, or permanently. But for that time being while you were still with them, it was everything. I believe soulmates not only deal with the problems you face in your life, but help you through them and bring you up, instead of watching it happen and tearing you down. Yes, you may love more than one person, but you only ever have one soulmate. One person who makes you feel like no one else has, like no one else will. A certain type of love. And not only romantic, you can have a friend soulmate as well, it's not always the romantic soulmate like we all look for.

  • Someone Who Fits You

    There will be someone whose personality clicks with you. Someone who is the perfect match for you. It's one in seven billion, so it's almost impossible to find someone, but there is at least one person out there. I met my SO in a situation where it would be barely possible for us to even speak to each other, but every single thing in the situations just lead perfectly to everything that happened.
    Also, this should be put under psychology, not philosophy.

  • I think it's real soulmates .

    I believe that everyone has a soulmate. There so many people out there how could not one of those people be right for you. Just because people get remarried doesn't mean there no such thing as soulmates. That person was just unlucky and thought that the person was it was there soul mate it just wasn't . So people just don't meet them because they don't belive or there fake or they look in the wrong places or they get rearranged married and it didn't work out. I get why people don't believe . I thinks it's sad u don't believe but that's just me but that's just me . I can go on but I think it's too long already . By nšŸ˜‹.

  • Soul Mates are the there.

    Some people don't believe because it didn't happen to them in a fun or even weird way. Sometimes you meet the person you love out of luck. One thing after one thing happened and you in a horrible day but it lead to the most beautiful thing you'll ever see. Sometimes life throws awful things at you just so it can give you one thing you thought you would never want. The feeling to grow old. Love is strong. A bond, a friendship, a sacrifice. Soul mates is the only thing that I want in this world. I want to find that someone to make me happy day in and day out. I want to know what it's like to fall in love with someone so deep that you want to drown in it. I want to have a soul mate not only for myself, but also for my better half's joy. I will love her until there is an end. I can't wait for that.

  • YES!YES!YES!It is possible

    Of course i believe in it.Maybe I used to doubt about it. But i don't now.It's really can seems crazy but my opinion changed after my cousins wedding.He is happy now.AND IT HAPPENED THANKS TO
    you may don't take it serious. But it's true!
    I am using it right now..AND I THINK i will find my sioul mate right there.

  • A person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

    I do believe in souls mates, this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with and that person will have the same desires and expectations, it means, both willing to make it works, love each other, respect each other and stick together through thick and thin, overcome all the challenges that comes between them.

  • Love Forever.

    Yes, I do believe in soul mates. There is someone out there made for all of us. Can you lose your soul mate's love? Sure, if you don't work hard enough to keep your relationship well, but it is true that you get what you give and if there's a will there's a way.

  • Yes, I believe

    I believe simply because I have one. It doesn't seem to be something that requires a belief as such. It's not the same question as "do you believe in unicorns?" A soul mate is another person with whom you feel absolutely at home, you feel as if you were meant to know each other because the fit is so perfect. It doesn't seem an outrageous thing to believe that everyone could conceivably have someone like that in the world.

  • Are you the one?

    I have always believed that everything happens for a reason, so I see no reason why this is such a stretch; the one you're meant to be with is out there somewhere, waiting for you. It's a romantic notion, but it seems very possible. I have met many men over the years and I keep telling myself "This is the one, this has to be!", and they turn out to be duds. Then I accidentally stumble across another guy and feel this instant connection, like he's the one. All the fears I have ever had are gone. If I had stuck it out with any of the others, I would never have met this one.

  • Not at all

    We are animals. Like monkeys dogs etc. love is just a mechanism to survive makes aren't even designed to be monogamous there designed to spread their seed as much as possible. Even females aren't wholly monogamous. There's much more scientific evidence but if that isn't enough, how about people with Down syndrome, severe mental illnesses, or extreme ugliness, they are very unlikely to get a mate especially the very mentally challenged. What if a person was brought up in a environment with no humans would they still have a "soul mate" or even like humans? Ok that argument is a little extreme but soul mates are a fictional thing that arise from culture and do not exist otherwise

  • I do not believe in soul mates.

    I do not believe in soul mates. I think you can fall in love with anyone that you choose and learn to love them for themselves. There may be soul mate out there but running into them or even dating them is a stretch. I believe you can choose your own happiness with whomever you want to.

  • It is oxytocin

    There are people that are more suited to you than others and just like with friends you have to be fortunate to find one of these people. Notice I say people as opposed to person! Human beings are so complex that we can find ourselves suited to a variety of people.

  • Not in this sense.

    I don't believe there are pairs across the world destined to meet each other. That is highly implausible, however I do think that once with somebody who is right for you, your love can last forever. This has nothing to do with being soul mates as I believe there are thousands of people out there who you could happily spend your life with entirely in love. It all depends on in what sense the word is being used.

  • NO.

    And why is this even in philosophy? Philosophy is a question of how things can be known, and what ought be done. Philosophy cannot argue whether or not some real thing exists in the world, only observation can establish that. And observation has not established the existence of a soul, ergo there is no basis to believe in soul "mates".

  • Soulmates are a romantic construct

    I've never been one to believe in destiny, and as an atheist, I don't see why I would believe in soulmates either. (When I say soulmates, I mean the belief that there is only one perfect partner for each person). Sorry to suck the romance out of everything, but we are, at the end of the day, animals driven by biological needs, and we take our pick from what is around us.

    If your 'soulmate' passes away, you have a fine chance of finding someone similar or better. Does that mean the initial person wasn't your soulmate? No, not really, we're just able to find multiple partners and be perfectly happy with all of them.

    Research shows that the belief in soulmates has a detrimental effect on relationships - when problems arise, partners try and go find a 'better one' instead of working on their issues. So yea, don't believe it.

  • It's just mind play

    Your mind always sees what it wants to. Think there's a soulmate out there waiting for you? Guess what, you'll give that label to the first person who fits you intellectually and emotionally, true story. Whether it lasts or not is irrelevant here, truth is there'll always be many more people who simply seem to 'click' with you.

  • I don't believe in soulmates

    I think people work really hard to love the people around them who they work well with and no one is perfect so no one is perfect for another. I do think that marriage is a lifetime commitment, however. I do not think we are animals and when we commit to another, even though it will be difficult, we are doing so to love them and support the family that is created. So we are not "destined" to be with another, but we can be more compatible, and then choose to commit.

  • Absolutely, Positively Not

    There are multiple people in the world that are complementary to you. You just go along with the one you find first. If there was only one person who you could possibly love truly, then only about 1% of people would ever find their soulmate. You can fall in love more than once.

  • No soul mates= fake

    I do not believe in soul mates i think there are people that are better suited for you then others. If there were such things as soul mates why do people that get remarried love both not just one more than the other. So soul mates are fake not real.

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