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  • Seems very plausible based on recent research.

    Scientists used to believe that everything presided in the Universe, which expanded into its present form over the 13.8 billion years following the Big Bang. There was a general consensus that the Universe is infinite and that there was 1, hence the prefix "Uni-". However, the recent project to map out the Universe brought upon new mysteries. Within the map of the thousands of galaxies and clusters were spaces where the force of Gravity was acting strongly, although there was little matter in the area. What a few scientists proposed was a theory that could challenge the commonly held beliefs about the Universe. They theorized the concept that other Universes outside of our own existed and that their presence was shown in the blotches of space with little matter but large amounts of gravitational pull. This would mean that the rather than the Universe we think we have today, we would in fact be living in a Multiverse. I do believe we live in a Multiverse rather than in 1 Universe. The research and development is compelling and is still relatively new, but I'm convinced that there are other objects outside of our Universe.

  • The universe is unknown

    We know nothing about the actual universe but the theory does make alot of sense and has alot of scientific researcher's backing it. The theory does show alot of potential and could explain alot of other things but then also open doors to other things and can you just imagine multidimensional space travel. And as a christian I do believe in god we believe that the soul enters a body at the time of conception so that puts up something else could souls go into different bodies if so that would be awesome I could of been born a Queen Or hell a KING.

  • Doesn't Conform to Reality

    The Multiple Universe theory was conceived to explain the improbable and incredible fine tuning of our universe. Example: when considering the strength of gravity, imagine a ruler stretched across the length of the entire universe (said to be 13.8 billion light-years). Our setting for gravity is like an inch wide segment on that ruler, precisely placed to sustain life. If the force of gravity was moved just an inch, an inch in relation to the width of the entire universe, life could not exist. Scientist acknowledge this incredible fine tuning and therefore theorize that our universe is just one of many in a cosmic lottery system (all with different gravity settings). It just so happens that we are hit the cosmic jackpot (our universe) and are therefore able to exist. What's wrong with this? First of all, it's merely a theory. No evidence. Second, we mustn't look for answers of human origin, purpose, or destiny when God has already revealed himself to us through His creation. He alone is sufficient for all knowledge. The Multiple Universe theory is man's attempt through his own fallible knowledge to explain away God. God is not amused.
    On the day of judgment, when we stand before God, every thought, word, and deed will be exposed before the Creator of the universe. We are all guilty of sining against a Holy God. We need a Righteousness that we cannot attain by ourselves. We must Trust in the Righteousness of Jesus Christ,the sinless Lamb of God, to cover us with His perfect sacrificial blood. Only then can we stand before God Justified in His presence, and be ushered into Heaven for all eternity. God's free gift of salvation can be yours today by simply trusting in what the Savior has already done for you. Admit that you're a sinner in dire need of God's grace. Scripture says, believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved! The cost is too great, Trust in Jesus today!

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