• You can argue about the reason, but statistically, women make less than men for the same work.

    It exists. One key way to combat the wage gap is greater salary transparency and requiring employers to prove that wage differences are based on factors other than gender. Jennifer Lawrence's essay about Hollywood's wage gap illustrates what a difference salary transparency can make in the ability for a woman to negotiate a fair salary. And if an employer can demonstrate that his pay decisions are based on different jobs, lesser hours by one person, then they won't have a problem. Compare what Amy Adams got for Hollywood Hustle with what Bradley Cooper got and then make the argument that well, she works less hours. Women's roles aren't that important in Hollywood movies compared to men's. Cooper is just better trained and while Amy might have technically been a bigger star at the time, Cooper's an up and comer, so he deserved more. The arguments fall flat for me. But clearly, there are instances where a specific man deserves more than a specific woman in a specific job. And if an employer can show legitimate non-gender reasons for paying the man more, so be it.

  • It is complicated, but it is real

    Studies have repeatedly shown that in large companies women with roughly the same experience, education and work load are paid less than their male counter parts.

    It is true that, statistically speaking, women are more likely to enter lower pay professions, work fewer hours, and take more time off for child raising. Also, the exact amount of the wage gap is uncertain. However, statistically speaking it is clear that women are paid less for the same work.

  • Of course it's real.

    The wage gap between a man and a woman in the same work field is ridiculous. Why would a woman make around 25% less than a man just because of her gender? Also why should women be punished for starting a family? Most people say women and men work different amounts of hours per year. Assuming the reason women do not work as many hours is because of maternity leave. But what about the women who don't want children and are working the same or even more hours than a man? Why would they be punished by receiving less when they are working more?

  • Are we talking between men and women?

    Because if so, then women statistically make a little more when compared with the amount of services they provide. Women also have a higher rate of graduating college as well as have a higher rate of overall college degrees presently. Women who work the same salaried jobs as men and make the same amount of money, actually make a little more if you think about it. Maternity leave inserts a statistical gap that shows that even though men are at the workplace more hours than women, they are getting the same amount of money for a smaller amount of time. Watch Ben Shapiro's clips titled "Women are winning the war on women." He cites several facts and makes good observations.

  • Not just a gender issue

    I don't think the wage gap is just an issue of gender. There is also the very real wealth gap between the 1% and the poor in this country. Both the wage gap between men and women and the 1% and the rest of the country are very real issues that need to be dealt with.

  • It has been heavily misrepresented.

    They always say that women are paid 75 cents on the dollar, but when you actually do the research it actually isn't true.
    1) Men work more hours than women do.
    2) Women take jobs that pay less in general. Jobs like engineering are mostly taken by men. The reason for this is because women focus on jobs that they will enjoy (teaching, social workers, counselors, etc.) and men focus on jobs that will pay more.
    3) Women take degrees that pay less then men too.
    4) There are also a million other factors that contribute to this: how long you've worked for the company, hours, how much they usually pay workers, languages spoken, skills, experience, time off, maternity leave, etc., etc., etc.

  • No the wage gap is not real

    Normally, I would type out a whole essay to explain why it's not real, but I'm tired and don't feel like it. But I still have to put in a minimum of 50 words, so that's why I'm just bambling on. These two videos say what I think and debunk the wage gap perfectly.

  • Feminists mislead us

    I assume it has to do with the annoying myth that women are paid 25% less. It's not true. Women USUALLY (not always) go for teaching and counseling, jobs that don't require much effort, and occasionally none at all. Men work extra hours, and go for engineering, which pays more. If you check a high school class without gender bias, chances are there's one girl at most.

  • It's all based on what the person chooses as their occupation

    Two people may hold the same job but there are so many outside influences as to how pay is determined, let's start from the beginning. Education is obviously a major factor based on how much you know and your expertise in the field. Based on that you automatically can achieve a higher or lower pay than others. Next some people barter with the person who is hiring them, the man might have had other companies offering him the same job but because he bartered he then got a higher pay than the other male or female simply because he could. Next we have what you're actually doing under your job title. Sure the male and female might have the same job title but what are they doing under that title is the real question. One could be doing crazy research and experiments while the other simply analyzes things which could easily effect pay. There are many graphs on the Internet on the wage gap that say "Here we have both sees having the same job and men get paid higher so it's obviously discrimination". Not exactly, what is their education like, how long have they both been working, who employed them. These are some of the basic questions that these many graphs fail to provide the reader with which automatically makes the graph in a way false. Sure this guy and that girl are CEO's of a company and the female makes hundreds of thousands less but what company are they the CEO of? There are so many simple questions that people fail to provide the reader with making the inforation not viable simply because there is not enough information. There are many other reasons why there is no wage gap but here where some of the few, I saw that it just so happens that women are paid eighty cents to every one man's dollar.

  • The wage gap is what some women use feign.

    There is no such a thing as the wage gap. People get payed by where they work and what they are working in, not by gender or by color. Many times this "research" has been proven wrong. While in some countries women might get payed less, but it is NOT in major areas such as the US or the UK.

  • The gender wage gap is not real.

    If the gender wage gap were real, logically, wouldn't companies want to hire as many women as possible due to the fact that they could save 23% on employee wages? The 23% figure also ignores hours worked, whether an employee negotiated for a higher salary or not, sick days, vacation time, maternity leave, etc.

  • No, Because It Logically Does Not Exist

    The gender wage gap fails to compare specific positions gender to gender. It just looks at the bottom line of male and female earnings. It fails to distinguish between full and part time workers, and leaves out a tremendous amount of variables. These variables explain why men are paid more, and realistically, you could make a strong argument that men actually deserve more.

    Please feel free to challenge me on this if you'd like. I would be more than happy to explain or debate this topic to absolutely anybody.

  • It does not represent misogyny

    Most people believe that women are paid less than men for the same work. This is not true. Looking deeper into the wage gap shows that women usually choose to go into lower paying fields. It also shows that men work harder than women. This myth has been dis-proven time and time again but ignorant feminists still spew it out as if it proves we live in a patriarchy.

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