• I believe in true love because it has the capacity to bring two beautiful people together

    It's not just an imaginary feeling you have; it is powerful force. My grandparents have recalled stories about the feeling they had when they first met. And the one thing they said about true love was that they felt it in an instant; almost like a lightning bolt hitting them.

  • Love is not a feeling

    Love is an action not every action comes from love and the dance these play is what often misleads us. Not to mention ur past hurts often can make us have the wrong feeling towards an act of love. Think about the relationship between you and a pet what is the correct feeling. If your pet shits in the house you might see that relationship differently Ben though nothing has changed. This is the cause of most human suffering wwe hurt each other and we create filters to protect ourselves. Those filters need to be updated and checked or you will miss out. Love is in sharing love is in meeting friends and family. Love is sharing your hopes dreams and desires. Love is trust. Love is not a feeling love moves forward. I matter what . Feelings change the instant they happen or they become dilution. I experience I feel is honest I feel I think I feel again is an illusion . Love is real in fact that's why it's true. And those actions can lead two people together to to find the truest of all loved the love of oneself which then leads to a union made of action not illusion. Real actual somehow this is not taught. This is how we no we never die because we live on through the love and pain we put into the world karma. True love entirely has no story no shadow it heals all wounds and it's free. Open your eyes the hurt is the shadow of our wounded egos. True love is equal given and never holds us back. All you have to do is show up open your eyes and allow it. You can't stop an action or change it past Tense so please be careful how you change its course so that it does not leave you. It's free it's the only thing we actually have and it limitless. We have been lied to our whole lives about what we need to make us slaves. All we need is love is the truth and when we give it freely and it's returned we are more than we are alone. It's the answer to war politics and religion it's there enemy. Tee fool ourselves love is free and will break us until we know it's truth. Ecause all of these false gods are only shadows of love. It's like a flash light that blinds us when we look at it because it's to much but if you close your eyes you can feel it's warmth. Stop being afraid of it and we will all be leaders lovers followers everything. Limitless caring and powerful and blessed with abundance. We are all shackled to eachother we just don't see it. If we feed eachother we won't even notice. If we take care of ourselves someone will have to starve.

  • Love exist. It's the strongest bond out there

    I get it. Love cause thing to go sour, people cheat, people have affair, etc. I seen it with my eyes, in my own family. My first boyfriend use me for money. Love is like a knife with two faces. I get it.
    But I do believe as an individual, you can love someone unconditionally as an act of true love. Loving someone is not a sin, it was never at fault, but the bad side of human nature was, and that's what it hurt people. Love doesn't hurt anyone, it only give you happiness. Life is a challenge, there will be obstacle in a relationship, but human needs to have the courage to fight through it and not running away from it just because they were hurt from it. After all Love is one of the strongest connection out there. It's hard to hate.
    Love lead you in a relationship, and in the world of relationship there will always be some "bad virus" that hurt you. If you are hurt, these "virus" are at fault, not love. Love just lead you into a relationship with the intention of giving happiness and love.

  • True love exists!

    I would like to believe in true love, why else are we here only to repopulate? To work our self's to death, or as the result of other peoples need to procreate? No we are not we are here to love, to create and to inspire others! So what if we need something or it's just that we are getting something from your better half, who cares even if the whole love thing is just your brains chemical reaction to some one the fact of the mater stays the same, you had that reaction to that certain person! If you are meant to be you will be. Otherwise that person was meant to be a lesson to help teach you how to truly love the person that was meant to be yours forever. Any kind of love should not come easy other wise its not love it's just affection. Even when it comes to your parents or siblings, you may not fight all the time but you still fight yet at the end of the day you still love them? That my dear is true love! It doesn't have to be a significant other that you truly love. When looked up the definition of true love is : 'A person whom one loves' no where there stands what type of person. So as long as you love your parents or siblings of even a guy or girl you are dating it doesn't matter, love is love. And I personally don't believe in perfect love but I also believe you can love more than one person. Think about it a mother loves both her children equally doesn't she and yet she also loves her husband. So yes it's possible to love more than one person. I am also a where that there are exceptions to these examples. But think about it love is love. And yes some love is easier than others, some love you have to work hard for and some love just catches you of guard. I shall end with this, will you not throw yourself in front of a bus to protect your family? You would wouldn't you? Is that not the definition of true love right there?

  • Of course I do!!!

    Its a feeling that shouldn't be analysed. If you are willing to place someone Else's life above yours, a feeling that you cant live without the person otherwise your heart will be ripped out. Where you look at that person and they seem perfect to you even though there might be flaws(you might see them but they wont bother at all). Where there is no such thing as cliché. When you are willing to be the least. Sounds like something from a dream I never want to stop believing.

  • True Love Exists

    There is a significant difference between 'ideal' love and true love. Ideal love is where everything is going perfectly, as though in the movies. True love is learning to accept someone for all their faults, over a period of time, where you fall in love more and more every day. If you are closed-minded, you won't be able to see what is truly around you.

  • True love is true?

    Now, not everyone gets married and lives a life with there wife/husband therefore I can't really say true love is true. But maybe it's cause of something they did in the past that took away there "true love" (AKA a punishment). True love at first site is stupid to me, cause its wrong I liked someone at 2nd grade till 8th. I move on to high school and I see someone with fantastic personality but as far as i'm concerned we have different sexual orientations. Love hurts, it can be the most painful thing that also leads to death.

  • I want it to be

    I say that it does because this is a question that is unanswerable and I want it to be true. There's really no evidence against this, no reason why it would be unlikely considering that there are so many period in this works, so I'll just be optimistic and say it does

  • True love is unconditional.

    It never fails, it is the love we feel for our children, and may be the kind of love when mixed with romantic feelings we have for our mate. It can also be for anyone we love wholeheartedly. When we feel that intensity for a new romantic interest, it can consume us, hence all the love songs, stories, poetry composed since recorded time, especially if true love is not reciprocated.

  • ALL Love is True Love

    All love is true love. However lust and like isn't love. Most people start w=a relationship in "puppy love" stage. This is an essential stage. All couples argue, but they do it differently. My older sister saved my life. That proves that true love exists. You need to be friends with your family and/or lovers to love them, though.

  • Love Is Love

    To have "True Love", you would also have to have "False Love". Is there such a thing as False Love. No. By definition it wouldn't be love. "False Love" would be hate wouldn't it? Therefore there is no "True Love". There is only love. Either you love someone or you don't.

  • No I don't

    No because I have thought that I found the supposed true love everyone burns for and he just turned out to be a dud. I just don't believe fairy tales come true anymore because I'm not a little girl anymore and I've been hurt so I know how bad it feels to be hurt..

  • True love is not real.

    There is no such thing as true love. Most people meet and date at first because of lust or social pressure to find a mate. People stay together because of inertia, or because they settle for person or a situation that is not perfect. There is no ideal love like in the movies.

  • Love is a commitment, not a feeling.

    Although I believe love exists, people seem to have changed the meaning. Love isn't a feeling between two people, love is a commitment to stay together for life. Interestingly, the countries with the lowest divorce rates are the ones that support arranged marriages. A poll was taken of the couples on why they stay together. Most said it was because they were committed to loving each other, no matter what they felt.

  • Well other person expects to much

    No there's to many people who will leave if you don't do as they please the rich the poor and the medium class they xhrat exchange partners and look for you to do if not they move on the young and medium dont believe but the old figure they have endured along time

  • True love does not exist.

    Love is a learned behavior not something that just happens. The concept of true love means we are not in control of our own destinies. The concept of unconditional love does exist but just as other learned behaviors it must be worked for to reach that level. However, the idea of romantic unconditional love is a myth. For love to be real sex must not be a factor in the relationship. As long as sex is part of the equation, it will always be lust.

  • True love only happens in stories

    It is a type of love found in books, movies etc Yes, people do find true love! But true love means different things to different people! True is never true! Unless its from the imaginatory world! Our world is real and in reality true love does not exist! My opinion may be wrong you may think its wrong if you're in the imaginatory world......Gud luck finding your true love???!

  • True love does not exist.

    I'm aromantic and wtf is love? How can two(or more) people come together and somehow look at each other and be ?Attracted? To each other??? What is attraction? How does it work? What kinds of things draw you to people? Why do you want to marry? To stay with someone for the rest of your life?

  • True love is a myth

    I don’t believe in it cause have never experienced it and have been hurt so many times and prayed a lot to find that perfect one who will make me smile,tell me i look good even though i don’t ,stick out for me and accept me for who i am rather than trying to make me change to something am not so yeah i don’t believe in true love only if it comes my way someday.And finding that someone is no easy job cause they only a few like that ,no offense but guys these days don’t know what love is they more concerned on unnecessary things so it would be a miracle and a dream come true if i got to experience this.

  • True Love simply doesn't exist

    Well, like most people here says, people who so called“found their true love" hasnt found it at all. They're probably under social pressure or is currently lonely, so by escaping reality, their so eager to find true love that they're delusionised . And just because you love that person now, doesn't mean you won't find a better person in the world. I mean this world is so big! Sure, you stay with her, but look at so many breakups happening. Simply stating , there's no such thing as true love. Even in a you die or he dies situation, being the selfish creatures that we are we are sure to pick the latter. Plus, loving someone is selfless. But so many people who fall in love or rather likes someone always pleads slash begs for recognition. This only shows that you want to be loved by that person. Therefore, we can conclude that people love not for the sake of others, but for the sake of himself. Also, just because you love being with someone, doesn't mean you love that person for himself.

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ghada.chakchouk says2014-02-17T19:50:00.230
I believe in true love. It has to be real. All those songs, books, movies and everything about love so it should at least be something real.