Do you believe Internet access is a right (yes) or a privilege (no)?

  • Necessity of Human Life

    Internet is a necessity of human life without it, students wouldn't be able to do homework, do online schooling, etc. Other people wouldn't be able to rely very important information. The internet maintains growth and order within humanity. The internet holds a level of international influence and has a big social impact on our daily lives. In the case of a prisoner, internet access is a privilege because they committed a crime against humanity therefore some basic human rights don't apply to them.

  • Access to information is a human right

    Securing basic internet access as a human right is crucial to prevent governments from censoring information, and is a gateway to limitless knowledge. Think about low or no income families trying to get their children a good education. Sure, school is free in the US, but not everywhere. Also, some people can't afford to pay for a tutor, so they should be able to go online and find tutorials (plenty on youtube) and strengthen their education. Outside of education, the internet can be a lifesaving tool in developing countries where access to medical information or doctors are scarce. Now, I'm not saying that the government (in the US) should step in and pay for blazing fast internet and Netflix subscriptions, but just enough so that people have the ability to absorb and share knowledge, further benefiting society. Some might say that the internet is a waste of time, and that we're too absorbed in it, which is true to an extent, but the internet is a powerful tool that provides a means for uncensored information to travel at the speed of light to another person.

  • Basic Internet access is a right.

    I think that we are not at a point where basic Internet access should be considered as a right. Many government services are most efficiently offered through the Internet. In some cases, that's the only way they're offered. It's also our basic conduit for obtaining knowledge in the developed world.

  • Required Too Much

    I believe the Internet has gotten to the point that everyone thinks everyone else should have access to it. This is really obvious with businesses who request e-mails or refuse to sign people up for their savings program just because they don't have an e-mail. With the government starting to move onto the Internet I believe access to it is slowly becoming a right and not a privilege.

  • Access to the internet is a privilege, just like driving and voting.

    Internet access is a privilege, something which should be paid for. It is not a right, and there are and shouldn't be any guarantees that anyone will have access to it. Internet access is no different that driving, something which a person needs to pay for. The internet is not free, someone is paying for it, and in turn it needs to be paid for by those who use it.

  • Internet Access is a privelage

    It is my opinion that Internet access is a privilege because it is a service that must be paid for to be used. People can still survive and live normal lives without access to the Internet, and the government has not installed wireless Internet everywhere in the nation as of yet.

  • No, internet access is a privilege, not a right.

    Access to the Internet is absolutely a privilege and not a human right. Granted, the Internet makes life much more convenient, but it should not be considered a right. Basic human rights are outlined in the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Governments should not have to provide the Internet to people.

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