Do you believe it is best for Democracies to maintain transparency?

  • Democracies to Maintain Transparency

    I personally think that it is best for democracies to maintain transparency because of the strong government. I personally think that the government should be more honest with the people of one country as well as the people that is fighting for the country. I personally think that the democracies is the best for maintaining transparency.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe it is very important for Democracies to remain transparent. I believe the breakdown in American democracy has a lot to do with the ongoing secrecy of the government. While Obama ran on a platform that promised more transparency it is obvious that the government has become far more secretive. I do not believe this serves democracy, it only works to break it down.

  • Democracies should be Transparent

    Democracies around the world need to be transparent in order for the public to have faith and trust the leaders. When the politicians of the democracy try not to be transparent, it is harmful for the freedom of the population. All politicians should take an oath to be transparent in all their governmental work.

  • Democracies should be transparent.

    Of course there is always going to be classified information, but democracies should be, for the most part, transparent. For example, a citizen should be able to know exactly where each of their tax dollars go and what it is funding. It is for the overall good to maintain transparency.

  • Don't compromise our country's secrets.

    It is not best for Democracies to maintain transparency at all. This is because the government, at some level, must be able to keep some activity secret for the safety of the country. If not, then secrets can be exposed to enemy governments. Our military and weapons could be then compromised.

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