Do you believe it is irrational to believe in faith?

  • By definition yes.

    The definition of faith is to believe something without any proof at all.
    Rationality is defined by Merriam webster as
    " the quality or state of being agreeable to reason"
    Reason is then described as
    "the power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic."

    logic- "reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity"

    so by definition rationality is to believe in things that has been validated
    to believe in something that has no proof, and will never have any proof is therefore irrational.

  • Yes very much

    “Faith” is the word one uses when one does not have enough evidence to justify holding a belief, but when one just goes ahead and believes anyway. Faith is to believe something without proof or evidence. Faith is to pretend to know things no one can know. People have faith that there is a heaven and a hell, without the slightest evidence for this. Faith is a very unreliable way to reason. So to answer the question, yes faith is irrational, illogical, implausible, unreasonable, contradictory, paradoxical, perplexing, unscientific and just wrong.

  • Overall, yes faith is irrational.

    I'll use religion to support my argument here.

    The belief in a religion is the belief in a higher force/power/entity without proof that this higher force/power/entity exists. As such, without proof this belief thus becomes based on faith. This alone can be seen as illogical as there is no proof that what they belief actually exists. In saying that having faith in something that higher force/power/entity is not irrational as there is no proof it does not exist either. So in a way, faith is both rational and irrational - you are believing in something despite the lack of proof that it exists which is irrational, yet you are believing in it because there is no proof that it doesn't exist which is means that your faith can be deemed as being partially rational.

    But in saying that, still using the example of religion, atheists are both rational and irrational in their belief as their belief is based upon faith as there is no proof supporting what they believe. They believe that there is no higher force/power/entity because there is no proof proving such a thing exists, which is entirely rational. Yet there is no proof proving that such a thing does not exist, meaning that their faith is irrational for there is no proof backing it.

    Overall, I believe faith to be irrational as it is not founded on proof (as seen in the examples of religion above). Or, at least, it is not entirely based on logic, because in the previous example of religion logic would decree that one cannot know whether a higher force/power/entity exists or does not exist because there is no proof pointing either way. In that aspect, faith is irrational as it ignores at least some of the possibilities, and faith itself is not based upon logic (or is at least only based upon the partial exercising of logic), which is the ultimate thing of rationality.

    In saying that however, I do agree that what could be logical and rational to one person might not be logical and rational to another.

  • Belief in anything without evidence is extremely Irrational and opens you up to DECEPTION:

    Most religions are that Deception, in that all religions are Unsubstantiated, not one has any evidence for any Truth within.
    Thus, all followers of Faith in mythical beings or religious people are being Deceived.
    Deception is everywhere, it is deceit that fills church seats and coffers.
    Because Religion is actually more about Making Money than finding Truth.
    Christianity is completely Unsubstantiated, Jesus was a source of Buddhist teachings which were superimposed onto Judaism.
    There is little evidence he even lived, let alone was worthy of worship.
    The resurrection, historically, never happened.

  • Factually speaking yes

    The very definition of rational includes being logical, religion is not about logic, it is not about facts, it is not about evidence, all it is about is what you feel, ''I feel the presence of god'' ''I feel god watches over me'' these are feelings, and they are also irrational, why? Because believing in something which has no proof or evidence of existing is illogical.

    I could say ''I believe the sky is made out of turds'' however just because I believe it doesn't mean it cannot be irrational.

  • Only believe fact.

    Faith is believing something when you don't have proof. Personally, I only believe in fact. My parents told me there was a fat man by the name of Santa Claus who lives in the north pole and delivers presents to children on Christmas. Unfortunately, I believed it. Now, all these years later, I realized I had made a mistake by not looking at the logic.
    Many generations ago, people believed in Adam and Eve. Today, even though some people still believe in them, we have scientific evidence that proves it wrong. You see this throughout history: People strongly believed something but were proved wrong by science, fact, and logic.

  • No, faith is rational.

    Faith is one thing that is rational based on your own belief. One cannot judge whether faith is irrational, because it is only rational in your own mind. It is something that only the possessor can judge. Faith in something now is judged by you, faith in the future is judged by others.

  • It is the only logic.

    No I do not believe that it is irrational to believe in faith, because belief in God is the only logical way to believe. Humans are so complex, and the world is so beautiful, that it is impossible to believe that we are not here on purpose. Science is so amazing, we cannot be an accident.

  • Believing In Faith

    I personally think that it is not irrational to believe in faith because without faith it is nothing. I personally think that is is not irrational to believe in faith because faith makes it possible for people to wake up in the morning also faith allows an individual to do what they are doing.

  • I do not believe it is irrational to believe in faith.

    I do not believe it is irrational to believe in faith. While it is impossible to prove the existence of God, it is not irrational to believe in faith. In order for Human beings to be happy they must believe that there is a meaning to life. The belief in faith gives life meaning and therefore makes the life experience a coherent idea.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe it is irrational to believe in faith. I believe religion and faith make it possible for more people to survive the suffering of this planet and because of that it is actually a pretty rational process. I believe people can faith in a higher power without being irrational about it.

  • Everyone has faith.

    Faith is the foundation of life. When you are in a valley and feel you will never make it to the mountain you need faith to pull you through. Life wont always be easy, and faith can sometimes be the only thing that says keep going, or you'll make it, or there's still a life out there waiting for you. Without faith what is the meaning of living. No hope of love or peace. Nothing in this world would last without peace

  • Religion Saves Us

    For those who thing religion is a waste of time that is because you want to believe you are your own god. You want to be as powerful as you think you are and you simply aren't. Religion gives us one thing hope. We are good people because we have religion. The concept of religion allows us to reason that to be a good person is the right thing to do. It give you motivation in the next life and the very fact that you may have to pay either scares or motivates people enough into being good righteous people. If it's true or not, it doesn't matter, we need it if for no other reason than to keep the darn peace.

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Sagey says2014-02-26T08:37:20.850
Actually I should say: Religion is more about Power and Wealth, than about Truth!