Do you believe it is possible to have a non-racist white identity?

  • Whiteness isn't based on racism.

    It is possible to have a non-racist white identity. In fact, white identity is not based on racism, it's simply based on being of European descent. Our country seems to encourage white people to feel unconfident or guilty about their race for some reason. We live in a multi-cultural society, and white people happen to be part of that mix. People need to accept this.

  • Yes, it's possible to have a non-racist white identity.

    I definitely think that it's possible to have a non-racist white identity. I think that people these days can be proud of being white without it meaning that they are intolerant or racist against another group of people. I think that people should be allowed to be proud of their race even if they are white.

  • Yes you can have a non-racist white idenity.

    It is possible to have a "white identity" that is not racist. Racism is a matter of actions, comments and beliefs. The acceptance of your identity and the expression of your pride in that identity does not have to be racist in overtones or actions. Pride can be expressed without be in racist.

  • Depends on the country -- Scots, Danes and Swedes no

    Germans, Italians, Spanish, English -- yes
    Those three countries I mentioned have such horrid and despicable histories. Now I believe they can but of course there's one problem. Their culture thinks it's ok to hate tomboys and autistic people. They have not apologized. The hypocrisy -- and yet they force Italians and Germans to apologize for the things they've done.

  • No, I think it's always there.

    I don't believe a white person can be completely non-racist. Many say they are, and have friends that are non-white. I believe they would never intentionally say or do anything that could be considered racist. But I also believe that deep down, they have a gut reaction to race. I believe that under the right circumstances, they too would demonstrate racism.

  • No not really

    No there is no such thing as a non-racist white identity. Everyone is going to be racist in one way or another. Think about this if you can get along with African Americans, Indians, Germans. Yet there are the Illegal immigrants coming over and there are people that are against them that claim they are not racist but yet they are against this immigration of Mexicans coming into this country.

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