Do you believe it would be moral to force all young females (age 14-21) to take birth control?

  • Children should not bear children

    As much as we as adults would like it to be true, we cannot stop teenagers from participating in sexual activity and as much sex education as we give them, we have all slipped up and made dumb mistakes, and there's no reason that our children should have to pay for them.

  • Birth Control For Teens and young adults is wrong

    If you were to force teen and young adult women to take birth control this would be morally wrong. Not all women in those ages are sexually active, and the fact that you are taking out pro choice for them is not right on any level. If they ever change this to an actual law or anything it would be a very big mistake.

  • not at all

    no, i think that this would be a really good thing to do, and that since they are going to be having sex any way that this will keep the threat of teen pregnancy way down so that they can do a lot more things with their lives later on.

  • No, mandatory birth control is not moral

    Since the phrase take birth control refers to consuming a medication, this proposal is quite dangerous. Birth control medications carry a myriad of health risks and side effects ranging from high blood pressure to breakthrough bleeding to cancer concerns. No one, particularly young women whose bodies are still developing, should be forced to take birth control simply as a matter of policy.

  • No, I do not think it's moral to force young females to take birth control.

    I do not think it is moral to force young women between the ages of 14-21 to take birth control. I think that such a thing should be a personal choice made by the woman and her parents. Such a policy is not only absurd, it's not something people would agree with.

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