Do you believe knowledge trumps passion (yes) or passion trumps knowledge (no)?

  • Knowledge trumps passion.

    Passion is needed, that's for sure. But knowledge reigns supreme in the world that we are living. It gives you power, passion does not. To put passion and knowledge together, though, is a potent combination and if everyone could do that we would be much better off. But if you have to choose one, it's knowledge.

  • Knowledge alone is nothing.

    I believe that passion trumps knowledge, because knowledge alone is not action. Governments were not overthrown based on knowledge alone. Passion is what turns knowledge into action. A competent athlete cannot become a champion without passion. Passion turns knowledge into hard work. Knowledge does not work alone to turn hard work into action.

  • Fight for something

    I think that passion trumps knowledge. If you have a very strong passion for something, then you will fight as hard as you can to make sure that this is accomplished. If you have knowledge, it can get you a long way, but just knowledge will not give you a large will.

  • Happiness is derived from passions

    Though some people derive happiness from knowledge, granted, it is a passion for that particular subject which drives the conscious to that end. Hence the root of said found happiness still comes from a passion. Speaking from personal opinion happiness as a collective or as an individual is the majority's aim in life therefore I conclude that happiness is achieved by pursuing ones passions rather than the rampant pursuit of knowledge.

  • Passion trumps knowledge

    Ultimately, no matter how much we may know or learn about a person, idea, or event, passion will always triumph over knowledge. Humanity has come a long way in knowledge. Our knowledge about everything in this world has exploded to levels we may have never imagined. Despite all of that knowledge, passion is what drives every human being at the core.

  • Passion Over Knowledge

    I believe that passion trumps knowledge because if a person is passionate about a topic they will eventually gain plenty of knowledge about it either through study or experience. Knowledge can always be obtained but passion is impossible to control. People often struggle with remaining passionate about things they love.

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