Do you believe Men and Women are created equal with different roles?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • Yes we are

    We are a sexually dimrophic species. Men and women have different bodies and brains. Men were made to be the protectors, fighters and hunters and women were made to be the nurturers. Those are our biological roles. You dont have to conform to them but acknowledge the scientific fact. Men and women are physically and mentally different

  • Yes, I believe this

    I believe that a division of labour among gender lines has not only served the purpose of maximising efficiency historically but that separate gender roles is part of God's will for human beings. I believe that human beings are happier whenever living in accordance with their proper gender roles, though it may not always be fun.

  • It could be possible

    Because the way the two genders think is different, and a man always think differently from a woman. This makes them more suited for some jobs and less apt for others. But that doesn't mean equal opportunities must no be given. EVERYONE has a right to try to do something, even if already know the result.

  • As nice as it would sound, no.

    Everyone is made different, and are therefore not equal. As much as I would want to believe that equality can exist among the two genders, it will be difficult to achieve it. Let's look at the denotation of 'equal'. In terms of people, it means to have the 'same status, rights and opportunities.' I believe that the matter of equality does not rest just between genders, but also, sadly, of mainly general appearances and behaviors. Unfortunately, man is cursed with the quality of being biased (in any quantity) and will choose who will be their 'leader'. Let's use a school environment as an example. Say, Field Day is round the corner. Not everyone has to participate. The rules state that anyone can freely choose to do so, but there is already an implied rule that you have to be more outgoing and have at least slightly more than medium built. There is one slot left for the team. A petite, soft-spoken girl wants to join for experience and has a passion for running, while another girl, who is more extroverted, boisterous and has more or less heavy built, will also want to join. The class picks the latter, thinking that she will more likely succeed, and thus gives her more opportunity. Hence, neither are equal to each other as they are not given equal opportunity.

  • K lol fam

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  • This is wrong

    Women only deserve to be in the kitchen and do all of the men's work. I hope that one day womens rights will be abolished and a new age of slavery will begin. I also believe that rights for Jews and Coloured people should be abolished and that Jewish Death Camps return.

  • They created mentally imperfect.

    Men are prone to temptations and women are physically weak due to some sort of thinking.
    Women are fashionistic and immodest and men have higher sexual drive due to some sort of thinking. Men cut their hair and women wanting to be flawless. Women tolerate the prostitutes and men tolerate the pimps.

  • Maybe different skills

    Men and women have different skills, but this whole "roles" thing is just idiocy designed to justify sexism. Most times these "rolls" are the woman is submissive and lesser than the man, while the man is better than the woman, yep- totally equal. D dcf g fgbd f h h

  • No technically... No

    I believe that men and women should be given equal rights, but not in the sense of taking or usurping the role of a man, if you will. They are given different positions and roles, which are different. On a technical level, it's a no. On a social level a semi-yes; however, women should not be playing in a male tournament, and vice-versa.

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Foodiesoul says2016-06-26T19:42:07.020
Gender roles are SEXIST themselves and they DESERVE to be abolished!