Do you believe Men and Women have different roles?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • God created men and women equal with different roles.

    God has nothing against woman voting or having a job. Still however God has assigned men and women different roles. God created man first to be the spiritual leader, protector, and provider for his wife and children. God then created woman to be the man's helpmate where together men and women will fulfill God's purpose's and another role God assigned women was to bare Children. That being said just because man is created 1st and the leader of his wife and children doesn't allow him to abuse his wife and/or children. If he abuses his wife and/or children God will be very upset with him. If the husband tells his wife to do something against God the wife is not to listen to the husband of course in that case. Now let's talk more about the woman's role. Again just because women were assigned the role to bare children doesn't mean she can't have a job. God doesn't have a problem with a women being president of the united states. But if women does have a job she should make sure that she is still fulfilling her role to attempt to bare children since sometimes God doesn't let a woman get pregnant and be the primary caregiver. If a woman simply doesn't want to attempt to bear Children for selfish reasons such as caring about her job too much God is not going to be happy with her for that. Also if she does bare Children and love's her job too much where she isn't giving her Children enough time God will hold her accountable for that. Now I know some people will say why can't the man be the primary caregiver while the wife goes to work. I'm not saying this is wrong in all circumstances because sometimes the husband is ill and can't work or is disabled or looking for a job. These cases God will totally understand as long as under these circumstances that he is still the spiritual leader of the home, protector, and provider. A provider doesn't just mean providing financially it means much more than that it means spiritually, physically, and emotionally. But personally I believe if a man is able to provide financially then he shouldn't be the primary caregiver since that's not his role since he can't bare Children. This doesn't mean that the mother is to raise the children alone. The Father must not put his job over his wife and children either. Father's should spend enough time with there wife and children too because they will have to answer to God for that if they don't.

  • Yes with out question women have proud this,,,,

    For 40 plus years now I have watch women be given every opportunity to expand their roles to anything and everything that is possible. After all this time they chose to fill certain roles more than others. They do not take the dangerous jobs, jobs in crappy locations. Working two different jobs, or in crappy conditions. They still expect men to protect them from danger and death. They still demand to be first of the sinking ship. So after all these years I thought all these roles would be filled with equal amounts of men and women but history now shows by a large majority that they are not interested in working certain roles. I also thought by now that women would be supporting men equally and allowing fathers to stay at home with the children. Seems when they have a choice they will stay away from the danger and the crap jobs. You cant really challenge this because its been 50 years that every opportunity has been given and it has only been by choice that they choose certain roles over other ones. Just too bad they cant accept that and be happy with it.

    Posted by: zoo
  • Yes, of course they do.

    Yes men and women have equally important but different roles. They naturally fall into these roles. This is not to say these roles are universal. There are exceptions to every rule. If you are seeking attention for being an exception, or faking being one. You are a narcissistic moron and go f yourself.

  • It's dictated by nature.

    Nature dictates by default that the man has to go get food and the woman stays at home taking care of children. It's not mindless doctrine, it's a mechanism that was discovered hundreds of thousands of years ago.
    I never dictated this myself, and it's no doctrine dictated by rabbis or whatever. Men and women are just better at different things.

  • No they do not

    They do have different skills, but that is different, "gender roles" are just a stupid occultic doctrine made up by Rabbinites, Christians and Muslims to control their adherents, and to oppress them. NOWHERE do we find in the Tanakh that men and women have different roles, the Rabbis made it up.

  • NO, I don't!

    All of the people who answered yes to this question are stupid sexists. Men and women do not have different roles. Men do not have to be tough and look for jobs and protect people! That is sexist BS! Women do not have to nurture and take care of children! That is also sexist BS! I am so SICK and TIRED of all the sexism and sexist questions and misandry! Just STOP it with all the stupid sexist questions already! >:(

  • No, they do not.

    There is no role a man can fulfil that a woman cannot, and vice versa. There is no justification for so called "gender roles" other than sexism either in the form of religious bigotry or the complete misunderstanding of scientific data. I have little more to say on this issue, but this last sentence was necessary to exceed the 50 word minimum.

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