Do you believe Mexico should be given back lands seized by the United States after the Mexican-American War of 1846-48?

  • Yes,I believe Mexico should be given back lands.

    Yes,i believe Mexico should be given back lands seized by the United States after the Mexican-American War of 1848.There is a very believable argument that says that these lands were taken illegally.With that in mind and to keep peace,the US should go ahead and return the lands for the best interest of everyone.

  • Yes they should.

    I do believe that Mexico should be given back lands seized by the United States after the Mexican-American War of 1846-48. This is because those lands weren't really taken in a fair and legal manner. Also, I believe the state I live in would be part of the lands given back. That would be a good thing because I would have to move from the land I hate.

  • I think yes

    I think they should because the US took advantage of them. Is like you as an adult get in a fight with a boy, you are going to win. That's how the Mexican-American war was and mexico as being defeated by the US decided that they didn't had other solution, just to sell the territory, because then they were afraid they could lose all their country. US was obsessed to get that territory, no matter how, no matter if you killed people. Mexico didn't start the war it was the US who wanted more. Then we say why are there so many Mexicans, there are Mexicans. Because we as Americans starting messing with them. Being racist with Mexico doesn't help because we have half of their territory and maybe if we haven't taken over their land. They might had a strong economy in their country and wouldn't have messed with us. We wouldn't had a lot of Mexicans. This country is a diversity we have to comprehend that based on those lands Mexicans are also part of the US. Whatever was done in the past will follow us in the present.

  • Not Fair U.S.A

    That land was never theirs.Mexico deserves their land back,I'm a Mexican, and when I found out about the war I was mad.Donald Trump Says he is going to build a wall blocking Mexico. Well he can try , Mexico would not let him.Eventually there is going to be a war over the land anyways.Better give it now to prevent war

  • Well isn't karma a bitch

    Since u.S.A forced Serbia to give away land to the Taliban because it was 90 percent Albanians. U.S.A makes the rules guys a lot of them southern cities are 90 percent Mexican looks like you should give away the land like you forced us. U make the rules to police the world.

  • I'm a die hard American, Absouletly it should go back to the Mexicans.

    It was thier land, they founded it, it's theirs. Just like America would be upset if someone took our land we should be sympathetic. It was never our "God-given" right, the lord never told us to kill innocent people with to steal their rightful land. We should give it back ASAP , or make thier illegal immigration completely legal , it's thier land , therefor it's not illegal. Again, I'm a truck driving, gun loving, conservative American , it's their land.

  • Yes, they should, but they won't.

    I'm from Germany.
    It's fact that the annexed states were taken illegaly from a peaceful nation. That's why it would be right to give them back.
    Since 1945 (yeah, Germany) USA is playing world police.
    Why do German people think that way? Because I [we] know that it was wrong what Germany did 1939-1945. And Americans still think that it was right to annex parts of Mexico, some of them think they just were the chosen ones.

  • Fuck white people we will get mexico's land back

    Mexicans were here first so get the fuck out of our land you whites muslims and go to new york or something mexico will get its land back fuck you white people go mexico the united states will fall to the pit of hell fuck you white people you will fall too

  • Yes, they were taken unfairly.

    Yes, the United States will one day lose that land to Mexico, either by a peaceful and democratic referendum or by another war. The Mexican population in the states that were once Mexico is very high. In 2050 it's estimated that they'll make up more than 50% of the population there. All they will need to do then is conduct a referendum and leave the US.

  • Pay back the $15 Mil with inflation

    It doesn't matter if the territory was unoccupied mostly. It was Mexicos and they eventually would have expanded with population growth. All the land, over 603 million acres, should be given back to Mexico if they are willing to pay the inflation on $15 million from 1848, which is $414,848,244, over a 2600% increase. I don't think modern land values should be taken into account due to the situation.

    And then the entire eastern coast should be given back to the Native Americans!

  • Defend Our Nation

    Deport them all and nuke Mexico, They are our enemies, NEVER believe for a moment Mexicans will not rise us against us when their numbers are great enough in the US to do so. If we fail to defend our nation (due to liberalism/White Guilt), then we do not deserve a nation, and our Children and grand children will be murdered and enslaved for many generations.

    Life isn't fair, and neither is nature.

  • Nothing will ever be enough!

    The peoples of Iberia (spanish and portuguese descent) already own the ENTIRE Southern Hermisphere plus all of Central America. These countries are not deserts, they are rich with good soil, forests, minerals, and rich coastlines. For some reason the iberian peoples don't believe that 2/3 of the western hemisphere is enough for them, that they in fact deserve to own the whole thing. But if they've made a mess of the 2/3 they already have, aren't we justified in our fear that they'll just make a mess of the rest if we let them? Their arrogance knows no bounds.

  • Only if they give us back what we won from them first.

    Since in the war of 1848 we took over the whole country of Mexico and then we bought large areas of land from them including California.
    They would owe us for the land we bought from them at its current price if they want it so badly. We gave them back plenty of the land of Mexico (which we did not need to do).
    Of course then they need to give it all back to Spain ( who they took it from), who needs to give it back to the Aztecs, who took it from someone else, who took it from the animals. All in the Spirit of "giving it back", I guess.
    So then where do the people go when we give it back to the animals? Since they are the rightful original owners?
    Just silly people looking for a freebie, who are NOT entitled to one, no matter how you look at it!

  • Are you serious?

    Why would you want to give them lands that are RIGHTFULLY ours? So they can keep inbreeding like crazy? So the cartels can have more room to grow coke and marijuana? So the cartels can build more grave sites filled with people that oppose them? I don't think so. 'Murica!

  • Free at last!

    Since a dominant portion of Mexico's language, culture and technology are derived from European countries such as Spain, France, Germany and Italy it should relinquish it's European roots and revert back to it indigenous roots. Yes that means all the oil refineries and factories will have to be shut down but it will be free from Western European influence. Cut down all the phone lines, internet and cell towers that are junking up the beautiful Mexico landscape. The people will have to use more primitive forms of transportation, textile (clothing), sundries and confectionery items and farm the land with primitive tools, but it will be worth it. We will make Mexico Green! Last but not least we will have to rename Mexico to something else because the name is a transliteration of a phonetic language spoken by the noble indigenous people.

  • What would be the point?

    We Americans have made tremendous improvements to the land we purchased after the war.

    Mexico couldn't now afford to buy the land back.

    If we gave it back to them, it would soon suck there. Why are millions of Mexicans fleeing their country? Because it sucks there. Why does it suck there? Because there are Mexicans there.

  • If anyone get's land back, it's the Native Americans

    By following this same line of logic, the Native Americans should be given back ALL of their land, it was ALL illegally taken by genocide. How exactly did the Spanish obtain Mexico legally? This debate seems to be the work of shillery, as the idea of the US empire giving up any land is preposterous.

  • Mexico Lost. We keep the land.

    The policy of returning land to the losers of war is amusing. We may be a more civil humanity now, but in the past, war was how things got decided. If a nation had the power to take land, they took it. If Mexico had won land in the war, do you think they would give it up? They got to keep the land they have now. The only reason Mexico does not fully belong to the US is that the leaders at the time got what they wanted and perhaps did not have the for-sight to predict how valuable a thinner piece of land between the Atlantic and Pacific would be.

  • It has long been established and recognized by both countries that such lands are part of the US.

    It has long been established and recognized by both countries that land annexed to the United States following the Mexican-American War is part of the US. Mexico does not contest this, nor has it sought a return of the land. Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that the residents of the territory in question would ever consent to becoming part of Mexico, thus precluding this possibility under the internationally recognized principle of self-determination.

  • No, I do not believe Mexico should be given back lands.

    No, I do not believe Mexico should be given back lands seized by the US after the Mexican American war. That's ridiculous. If all of the countries started giving back lands that they claimed in wars, everyone's borders would change so drastically and it would create global chaos. Leave the borders the way they are.

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