• Money IS the root of all evil

    Money is the sole reason of the the derogatory idea of class. People are filed into separate groups and social status, the more money, the better your class. Everyone should be entitled to a fair share. Not exactly equal as this would cause outbreak, but enough to get by. Minimum wage is still not enough, and many still live in poverty.

    P.S. All who do not believe this will contract ebola 4 life lolz. JK u all have it anyway

  • I was expecting a lot of yes's to be honest, but I am very pleased to see people who understand what money really is.

    All of you have said no, so you know what this is. Money is a representation of a value (unless it is a coin, because gold, silver, nickel; all of it has value), for easier exchange. Trade is important for a successful life. In fact, positive relations; especially mutualism is the best thing for human survival or any survival really. Money makes this relation easier. Since there is no standard for trading chickens for clothes, money was created to get fair trade. A value for a value.

  • The money is said to be the root of evil because man have a wrong usage on it.

    Actually, money is just a medium of exchange. Money does not have brain to think how to hurt people. It is the thought of human that used money as a tool for evil purpose. Many of them did wrong looking for a quick buck or two and end up doing some action that hurt another people. But they blame all the fault on money in fact is their brain that cause the evil.

  • Money is not evil, but people are.

    Money is not the root of all evil. If we did not have money, people would find some other resource to exploit -- like gold, silver, or precious crops. Money is simply a resource that people use to make themselves more secure or powerful. In the end, many resources can provide this, not just money.

  • Money is not the root of all evil.

    Money itself is not evil. Evil is something that is inherently bad that cannot be used for good. For those who are able to put it in proper perspective within their lives, it is a convenient asset. Those who assign money an unnecessarily high priority, however, turn it into a bad habit. Bad habits, like other habits, can be broken though. So money, even as a bad thing, can be overcome.

  • money is not the root

    People make the money the root of all evil. They say human beings are a bunch of addicts. They are addicted to everything. Humans are addicted to religion, video games, , health, sex, drugs and alcohol, and also their work, so they can make more money. People's number one problem is finding a balance in their life. The people who make money the root of all evil are addicted to it.

  • Money is not the root of all evil, people are the root of all evil.

    Money has nothing to do with evil. People were evil long before the invention of money, and will be evil long after money has become obsolete. There are plenty of poor people, who have no money, who are evil. Adolph Hitler, one of the most evil people of all time was not motivated by money, but was motivated by his hatred of those who weren't like him. People are evil, with or without money.

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