Do you believe Native Americans benefited from European colonization?

  • Yes They Did

    If you are a Native American and you're answering no, make sure you're not typing on a computer or sitting in an air-conditioned house or a house with clean running water.
    Granted, the ancestors of today's Native-Americans most certainly did not benefit from colonization. Most of them were wiped out! But their descendants today would live much, much harder lives had the European settlers never came to America.
    It's the same with Black People. Their ancestors were forced into slavery, and that wasn't fair. But if their ancestors weren't brought here on slave ships then where would African-Americans be today? They'd be hunting jaguars in the rain forest half-naked, throwing spears at each other over tribal feuds, and living in mud huts, or something like that. I don't mean to be racist here, by the way. I'm just making a point.

  • Native Americans actually did benefit a little from European colonization.

    While the argument that, overall, Native Americans were harmed from European colonization, the fact remains that they did receive some benefits during this period. An exchange of information, knowledge, and viewpoints took place between the Native Americans and Europeans. It is likely society also began evolving more quickly than prior to colonization.

  • Some benefits were received

    It can be argued the the Native populists was screwed majorly by Europeans . They did receive some benefits like the crops that only where grown in Europe they also received iron/steel tools and animals like horses which helped the plains Indians in their lifestyle .. .. .. .. ..

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  • They benefited some

    If they didnt do what they did we wouldnt be in this position today i understand that they were captured but would we be in this position, no. Society began to evolve more but they did recieve benefits from this called so whatever happened with the natives it was for a good cause

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  • not at all

    No, they did not get a single benefit from us coming over and taking over North America. All we did for them was bring awful diseases, and begin slaughtereing them until we completly whiped them out and took every bit of land that they owned, and killed all their animal.

  • For the most part, no.

    Overall, I do not believe that Native Americans benefited from European colonization. Many Native Americans were killed during this period. Others were removed from their land and nearly killed. Also there culture suffered a lot as well. Although they are lucky to be able to run casinos, but who is to say they wouldn't have done that without European colonization.

  • No, many were devestated.

    Many Native tribes no longer are around. Thousands of Native Americans were killed. Languages, religions, and cultures were destroyed due to European colonization. Even today, the conditions of most Natives and Nations are those of poverty. There are few Natives left, and there is an increasing struggle to maintain what bit of language and culture remain.

  • No, Native Americans Suffered under European Colonization, we all have

    European colonization of America brought disease, death, loss of culture, land and freedom to Native Americans. The legacy of this land theft and exploitation continues to this day with Native Americans languishing on reservations ripe with domestic abuse, poverty and addiction. We all have suffered as a result, because we’ve lost access to a rich cultural heritage, languages and a land ethic that could have benefited all life on earth.

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