Do you believe people in/supporting the LGBTQ+ community deserve to be treated better?

Asked by: Yvannee
  • Yes they do.

    I notice that the people supporting the "no" side of the argument are talking about treating the LGBT community better than others. However, what I believe the question is talking about, is better than they are being treated now.

    And now, they are being treated very badly. They are the source of hate and being ostracized from the community. They deserve to be treated better than this. So yes, they deserve to be treated better, than they are now.

  • When I say better...

    ...I mean better than they already are. Everyone deserves to be treated at the same level, so equality in society covers all. However, many people under the LGBTQ+ people do not get enough well treatment. They are still discriminated against in many cultures or just by people who hold that belief, which is unfair on them as everyone deserves and should be treated the same. I would not say they need to be treated better than anyone else, but I would not say anyone outside the LGBTQ+ umbrella should be. It's about striving to make everyone equal.

    Posted by: Sha2
  • Hell yeah they deserve to be treated better

    Everyone deserves to be treated fairly, yet, that's not happening in the case of the LGBTQ+ community. Hate crimes and other riots are going on. Someone can love any other human being in the world they choose to. For example, saying a man cannot be in love and in a relationship with another man is exactly like saying a Christian cannot be in love and in an relationship with a, let's say, a Hindu. I know that Christians often tend to attract to other Christians but I'm just using that as an example.

    It's love! Let them love who they want.. (:

  • I believe that they should

    The LGBTQ community is treated like they are inhuman, they deserve to be treated equally with other people in different communities or just treated better in general, this is just my opinion and if ya don't like it that's fine with me, don't argue over opinions, everyone has their own.

  • It depends on the context

    If the question is asking if members in the LGBTQ community and their supporters should be treated better than other people, than my answer is no. The whole point of the LGBTQ community is equality for everyone, not for a certain group to be higher than another.
    BUT, if the question is asking if the LGBTQ community should be treated better than they are right now, then YES in all-caps, they should be. As said before, one of the main reasons why the LGBTQ community formed was to enforce the belief of equality for all. Judging by the way things have looked for the community ever since it started, we still need to work on our goal of equality.

  • Yes but Enough!

    We live in a society that requires equality among genders. LGBTQ+,however, deserve to be treated better than they used to. There is little denying the fact that those people once faced up to racism because they simply love someone belonging to their genders. They are humans and they deserve love. But they should be treated equally with people, because we live in the same planet.

    Posted by: Nhi
  • No, they shouldn't be treated differently

    I don't believe that if someone supports this community makes them some special moral superior and hence treated better. What you believe doesn't make you a good or bad person, what determines this is what you actual do. There is also still mainstream opposition against the LGBTQ community, so to treat such a large group of people and with some reasonable arguments as inferiors is a radical position and unjustified in some instances.

  • No no no and finally no...

    No people shouldn't be on a pedestal because they support a cause, that's like stating that all christians should be mocked for their stupidity, it is an absolute claim which has no basis and just one exception will prove it wrong. I do believe that people should be able to love as they want but I do not support the cause because it doesn't stand for my needs (what I mean by that is that I believe I have the right to love anyone but because I am straight I don't need to love in any other way than the norm.).

  • No way jose

    Do you mean the government should sanction gays as better than others? That's despicable. All you would be doing is fueling more division and racism. In the end the gays would be even more despised, possibly even seeing violence against their culture. In a free and fair country the government does not get involved in promoting one group over another, especially a group that makes up such a small portion of society.
    However, if you do want to promote and give special honor to a certain group it should be to those who build wealth, technologies, scientific discoveries, and better, easier ways of doing things. These are the people who make our lives better, extend life expectancies, and cure diseases.
    It seems to me that you want to promote people simply based on the way they have sex. This would be a huge mistake. Thriving nations, people's, and cultures should always, always promote and celebrate the heroes that help their cultures prosper and thrive in peace and safety.

  • No they should not

    We live in a society where equality is key, we do not need to treat anyone better because they are different, to be normal you have to be treated the same here, so for fuck's sake let's treat every one the same, so they can be considered normal and be able to act normal

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