Do you believe politicians should resign if they are caught cheating on their spouse?

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  • No,politicians don't need to resign just because they are having an affair.

    In the civilian world,a person does not lose their job just because they are having an affair.An extramarital affair should be between the two spouses.By looking at history it will show that many successful politicians had affairs without it doing anything to their effectiveness in their job.A politician should be judged on their ability not their publkic life.

  • No, they shouldn't

    I do agree that a person's personal life can affect how well they do in office, but someone should not be automatically fired for infidelity. Give them a chance and see if they are still doing a good enough job to be in office, and see if their constituents want them there.

  • No, politicians have job to fulfill

    Politicians who are caught cheating on their spouses should not resign from their political positions. They were not elected by the public to be a good life partner, they were elected to provide a service, to work as a politician. The nature of their marital relationships or fidelity falls outside the scope of their job description. You can in fact be a great politician who works for your constituency, and cheat on your spouse.

  • No, what makes politicians different from anyone else?

    Politicians should not have to resign if they are caught cheating on their spouse. Many people in the world today cheat on their spouse and are not penalized for it, let alone, lose their job. Why should politicians be treated differently than anyone else? If people are going to be penalized for cheating on their spouse, those people should not be limited to politicians.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that they should resign just because they cheated on their spouse. We do not know anything about their personal life, and do not know what is going on in their marriage. I think that the personal things they do does not affect their work at all.

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