Do you believe professional sports focus more on money (yes) or playing well (no)?

  • Money before skill

    The professional sports managers and players focus on money before skill, and this isn't a bad thing. Dramatically increasing the amount of money in a sport will inevitably lead to more skilled players, but this isn't because the players just suddenly care more - its that the money makes people play harder.

  • Show me the money

    They focus more on the money than playing well. They know that they will collect after each and every game that they play. Money is their motivating factor to play. They really don't look for quality good traits in the players anymore. They don't look for the talented players they select what they can get.

  • More on the money side.

    I believe that professional sports focus much more on the money side than on the playing well side, which is not a bad thing. Professional sports are meant for entertainment, and without them making money they wouldn't even be there. Therefore, if we want to be entertained by sports we must forgive them worrying about money.

  • Professional sports focus more on money

    It is my opinion that most professional sports focus more on money than on playing well. I feel that although playing well is key part of making each franchise a profit, the overall goal and focus of any professional sports organization is to make money. Though making money without playing well is difficult for any franchise to pull off.

  • Yes, pro sports focus more on money.

    I truly believe that pro sports of today focus more on money than they do on playing well. A lot of the rules and regulations being organized in some pro sports like in the NFL, are all about making sure they protect the players. By protecting players, they make sure stars continue playing and keep fans watching.

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