Do you believe racists deserve a platform to speak their mind?

  • Yes they do

    Freedom of speech is the right to be able to express your opinions. The difference between racists and those who oppose them is just their views. Racism isn't all as extreme as Trump. There is irrational and almost irrelevant racism. While I do not agree with racism, everybody deserves the right to state an opinion. If you don't agree with it, don't use the platform.

    I feel like people these days say that racism is evil simply because everybody says it, and they want to fit in. There are so many self-righteous reverse– white supremacists on the internet that people give up rationality to become popular. For example, if I were to make an explicitly racist joke against white people, nobody would care. If I were to make even a slightly racist joke against people from a different country, I would be called (and I quote from the reaction of people to a comment by Jake Paul), "Racist, sexist and homophobic." As if gender and sexuality have anything to do with ethnicity!

    Long story short: I don't agree with racism, but if we completely ban people from saying anything racist, Trump (like he did with his tax) could abuse that and eventually get rid of freedom of speech.

  • I think so

    I don't agree with racism at all. But I'm not gonna take someone's freedom of speech over something I find offensive. As long as they're hot actually hurting other individuals of different races, I don't care what they say. There's actually a way to end racism. Stop talking about it.

  • If we eliminate hate speech, we eliminate free speech.

    There really is no way around it. Now, I'm not saying that hate speech is a good thing. Hate speech is a very bad thing, but an outright ban is the cowards way out. Instead, we should challenge, refute and stand up to hate speech. On to my original point, I really do beleive that banning hate speech bans free speech. The main problem lies in that what some people conider hate speech is subjective. For example if I use the word (offensive language warning here, because I'm not censoring myself) "cunt" in a way that doesn't imply hatred toward women. It can still be interperited as hate speech by some people. As annother example, if I call one of my good friends "my nigga", as we tend to do, people can still interperit the word "nigga" as synonymous with the word "nigger" (which it isn't, but I won't go into detail here) and, because I'm white, they could view that as racist, even though in both of those cases I don't intend, endorse or imply hate to be the meaning, and if you listen to my arguments, you can see that I'm not bigoted in any way. But I'm kind of getting off topic. Why should racists be allowed to say racist things? Well, partially for the reasons that I just mentioned, but also for the big reason: banning racist speech doesn't make those who say it any less racist. When and if they have kids, they'll just teach it them like they normally would, they would just tell the kids to not talk about it in public. Alternitavely, by letting racist people speak, intellegent people will be able to hear their arguments and how stupid they are. You can also identify the racists when people say racist things (seriously, not as a joke. Jokes don't define a person). When somebody clearly states a racist beleif of theirs, then you know that they're a racist. If people have to keep quiet about their racist beleifs, then you don't know who the racists are, and you might end up even hiring or being a friend with someone. Imagine if there were a horror movie where there was a demon possesing one person in a group, and the demon would otherwise just announce itself, but the group of people banned the demon from doing so because demons offend them. Pretty stupid, right? If the demon just announces itself then they know who it is and they can exercise or cast out the possessed person. I rest my case.

  • Yes to Racism

    No to Racism

    I think that racists should have a platform to speak their minds because this country if America where everyone is considered to be equal regardless of their race, color or creed. Therefore, there should be no special treatment for racists to not have a platform in regards to having a platform in which to speak their minds. (The definition of "creed" is salient.)

  • Have a point

    There is nothing wrong with being racist, and believing that your race is better than others, because you belong to that race and you are going to feel this. I think that racist do deserve to speak their minds and be heard, and try to get their point across to people.

  • If Freedom of Speech does not protect dissident opinions, then it protects no one.

    Ever since the concept of Freedom of Speech has existed, there have been those who have been eager to find 'exceptions', people or opinions that should be put in a different category and excluded from this basic right. In the past it has been 'blasphemous' speech, 'anti-American' speech, and today it is 'racist' speech. The problem is, once you exclude one group of dissident or unpopular opinions, it becomes very easy to ban another, then another. It becomes a slippery slope until there is really no Freedom of Speech at all. If the rights of dissident opinions are not protected, then no one is protected. Thus everyone, including racists, should have a platform to air their opinions.

  • Racists have freedom of speech, too.

    I do like enjoy listening to people that are racist; however, they have a right to freedom of speech just like the rest of us. I also have the freedom to choose not to listen to them. I can change the channel, not read their material and not attend their rallies. In America, we have the right to voice an opinion. We also have the choice to not listen to it.

  • No, encourages violence and more racism.

    Free speech prohibits "hate speech" and I consider this such a thing. Racism, which is mainly republican, often scares the victim race and leads to crime and violence. All forms of racism is bad and sick. We need to discourage it and make sure people know, IT IS NOT OK TO BE RACIST! Otherwise, we'll never move past oppression and judgment. Look at the white supremisist website that caused the recent gun massacre when a young boy was driven to racism and convinced that blacks were taking over. All racists are pathetic and horrible and they need to be stopped.

  • Do what is good for the society

    Our society is a multi ethnic one; giving a platform to racists would only incite and anger people belonging to other races. Think about how you would react if someone abuses on your family. Why should we give a platform to someone who intends to abuse millions of families? Having a right to speak is a very loose and irresponsible defence for racists. Freedom of 'speech' and Freedom of 'spiteful, resentful speech' are widely disparate . Racism has no place in a modern society like ours.

  • No to Racism

    I think that racists should not have a platform to speak their minds because this country if America where everyone is considered to be equal regardless of their race, color or creed. Therefore, there should be no special treatment for racists to have a platform in regards to having a platform in which to speak their minds.

  • Only what they earn.

    No, I do not believe that racists deserve a platform to speak their mind, because nobody deserves a platform for speech that they have not earned. If a racist can attract an audience that wants to listen to them, that is all well and good, but nobody deserves to be handed a forum.

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