• Yes, it is a determiner.

    Yes, size matters, because it is a measurement. Size matters to a human because a human that is overweight is not in good health. Size matters when purchasing a lunch, because a person needs to know how much food they are getting. Size matters when it comes to vehicle size, because larger vehicles are safer. Size matters a great deal in many ways.

  • Size does matter.

    I am not sure whether this question is referring to penis size or how much a person weighs. Either way, the answer to this question is yes. Size does matter. Most penises are pretty much the same but, if it is so small that you can hardly feel it, that matters. As for the size of people, society should not judge. With that being said, society does judge. As much as I wish it didn't matter, size matters there also.

  • Nooo sir !!

    Everyone is made in their own way so what if you have a small dick, as long as your girlfriend loves you its okay. So anyways size does not matter what so ever. Stop judging people you whore. Boo you are a whore. Thank you for your ungrateful time .

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