Do you believe some feminists are sexists toward Men?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • No movement can go without the extremists.

    Take a look at some tumblr blogs, and then tell me that there is nobody being sexist on them. I'm not saying that all feminists are sexist, but some are. If the roles were reversed on a lot of these blogs, people (mainly women) would be completely and utterly outraged.

  • Yes, because no demographic is completely innocent.

    No group of people is absolved from being racist, sexist, etc. No group of people thinks exactly alike so it is irrational to believe that all feminists are shining bastions of egalitarianism. Not all feminists are progressive just like not all white people are woman-hating racists.

    Men are raised not to hit women, and I agree with that for the most part (self-defense or the defense of another being the exceptions). Women know this, but all you have to do is go too youtube to find a thousand videos of women beating on men purely because they feel they have some invisible shield around them because of what is between their legs. Then in the videos where the man hits the woman back, the comments are flooded with allegations of domestic violence and assault.

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