Do you believe stoning is a justifiable punishment?

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  • Cruel & Unusual

    While stoning as been used for longer than we are probably aware I feel as though it is cruel and unusual punishment. Furthermore, the punishment of stoning usually includes death and its been commonly used on women, which makes it even worse. I do not believe there is a way to justify this punishment.

  • Not these times

    No, I do not think that stoning is a justifiable punishment in the day and age that we live in today. This form of punishment was alright for a long time ago, but we are beyond this now. There are a lot of better methods to punish someone than this.

  • No, stoning is never a justifiable punishment.

    No, stoning allows people without the proper knowledge and forethought to take control of the justice system. Stoning replaces a trial and gives peers the opportunity to make decisions about the presumably guilty person's life without ever giving that person the opportunity to explain his or her actions. Stoning eliminates the very necessary discussion about whether a person is guilty of a crime or not.

  • Stoning is an extremely inhumane way to put someone to death.

    In the United States, stoning would never be used as a method of executing a death sentence. It is cruel and unusual punishment. It is a very slow, painful way to die. Although no way of carrying out a death sentence is pleasant, there are certainly more humane ways of executing someone.

  • Of course not

    Stoning is a barbaric and outdated punishment that no modern country would ever consider utilizing. There's really little more to say about it than that, if we're going to condone stoning we might as well bring out the torture rack with it, they're about on par with one another in terms of acceptable forms of punishment in 2014.

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