Do you believe that all events tied to 23 are coincidence (yes), or is there a power behind the number 23 (no)?

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  • This kind of supposed concrete correlation could only exist in an age where religion is still prevalent

    'Smarter' humans are ones which can recognise patterns and use them accordingly. However, as our basic knowledge grows, we can begin to logically understand whether a pattern indicates a hidden phenomenon, or merely a coincidence. For example, if I were to pick heads for 3 coin tosses, and it landed heads on every occasion, would it be reasonable to say that 'heads is my lucky side, I should pick it every time'? Or, upon understanding that there is a 1/2 chance that the coin will fall heads, say that it was mere luck? Which seems more reasonable to you?

  • Nothing more than coincidence

    I'm not sure where this 23 thing started. As far as I know, it's promotional material for a really awful Joel Schmacher film, but regardless, of course it's a coincidence. There's no mysterious force tying together numbers. Look at the 27 club - tragic coincidence, but what a perfectly logical age for a young creative getting debauched to take it too far after fame hits? It's always a coincidence.

  • The Number 23 Is Interesting, But Not Terribly Powerful

    All the mystic events that appear to be tied to the number 23 are actually coincidence.
    The genuine mystic number is nine, as in the transcendental Beatles Song. Only the
    Beatles knew the deepest meaning of the number nine, but serious listeners can
    catch a hint of their knowledge by listening to the song Revolution Number Nine
    over and over and over again, until their parents scream for mercy. Do not be led
    astray by nonsense about the rather ordinary number 23. The deathless and eternal
    number nine is the true mystic number.

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