• Ghosts are different to us

    Ghosts are now said by many scientists to be a scientific possibility. Nobody knows what happens after death. So why can't it be ghosts? Ghosts are just as likely to exist as people just forming into dust and nothing happening and ghosts are ghosts they might be different from anything we have anywhere encountered so there is no reason to suppose that they have human characteristics.

  • Because why not?

    There is nothing that proves they do not so why say there is not? It is as simple as that nothing more really needs to be said but I need a specific word count so I have to keep typing until I hit that . Really soon okay now ,

  • It is fake

    The first thing is that the stories we read about ghost is fake science do not believe in ghost and I also if we will think ghost are real than we will believe on it but if wd think ghost are not real they are not real .It is fake .

  • Absolutely Not. Illogical.

    There're 107 billion dead people. I wonder why only a few ghosts are seen...

    Ghosts either obey the laws of physics or don't. If they do they can't go through stuff, can be touched, and are affected by pressure. If they are not affected by the laws of physics, well, the Earth is moving at 60km/s and they're unaffected by gravity. I wonder why they're not torn away from the Earth or unable to go through things...

    How does stuff become a ghost? There's no evidence for a spirit, and all energy the person has / had is broken down in the form of chemical energy. I wonder why there's no explanation for how you become a ghost...

    If you answered "Because ghosts don't exist" to all of the above, then you are an intelligent human being.

  • There is no real proof.

    People can say there are ghost and photo shop picture, but there is no real evidence. You can tell me you saw a ghost and show me a picture, but that does nothing. If you find a ghost, point me to where you saw it, and I tell you my self if ghosts are really real.

  • Ghosts...Or a delusion

    No they aren't real because there is no scientific evidence of them....Its all in your head....The mind is so powerful...If you think about all that paranormal ghost stuff then your brain will make you paranoid and make you hear noises and all this stuff.....Its all psychological and its all in the brain....

  • Logically they are impossible.

    Ghosts are said to have human abilities such as memory, movement, sight etc. For this to be true, the following must also be true.
    1) A ghost would need a spiritual form of at least the brain. Without this, a ghost would not know anything. They would not know who they are, where they are, or even what they are.
    2) The ghost brain, would have to be connected to the physical brain while the person is alive. Without this, they would not know who they were, where they lived or died, or anything relative to ever being alive.
    3) This ghost brain would have to be indestructible to survive whatever killed them when they were alive.
    Depending on what a ghost is said to do, would require ghost versions of other parts. If a ghost is said to communicate with others, they would need some way to do that such as ghost vocal cords. If a ghost is said to respond to what is being said, they need some for of ghost ears as well. If they are said to travel somewhere, then they would not only need ghost limbs but ghost eye to know where to go.
    That being said, in order for a ghost to exist, we all would need indestructible versions of organs connected to us while we are alive.
    If that is the case, then a living person can not loose their memory because the connected and indestructible ghost brain would be able to remember. Same would go for anything else a ghost can do. Example: If they can see, then a person would not be able to loose their ability to see even if their eyes where removed. Problem is, we all know we can loose these abilities while alive. If a person can loose those abilities while alive, then a ghost would not have those abilities at all after being separated from the body.
    I have other ways to show how ghosts are not real but this is just one way to prove it.

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