Do you believe that the harassment and racist hate speech towards Leslie Jones, a cast member in Ghostbusters, i warranted?

  • I like men

    I Love Men so much I just want to chug down that thick loaf of meat so it splits my esophagus in two, I want to take that eggplant and cram it in me until it bursts, I want to swallow that creamy love juice and bathe in it. Harrasing Leslie Jones would help me love men more so i'm voting yes

  • She is extremely victimizing this whole ordeal.

    As the person above me just said, Milo's attack was an attack on her CHARACTER,not Leslie herself.Those who are are upset with her are primarily not doing it because she's black,but because a good franchise just went downhill and this installment was only made to support an AGENDA, and not to just make an entertaining movie. As a ghost-busters fan and a black person, I can tell you the hatred has nothing to do with race or even the all female cast(No guy honestly cared about it being all female, if they were funnier then maybe the reactions would've been better). The movie just sucked and Leslie acting like they had done a WONDERFUL job of it is what makes me dislike her. The racist hate isn't warranted but hate in general..Is.

  • Wow... Just wow.

    This is professional level victimization if I've ever seen it. I don't justify or condone any form of racist speech, but I do acknowledge that we live in a free country, and people are going to say shit that physically disgusts you, especially on a stupid platform like facebook or twitter where you open yourself up to the criticism of anyone who has an internet connection and your hashtag.

    This whole thing started when Milo Yiannopolis (who I don't particularly care for, but free speech and all) wrote a scathing review of Ghostbusters, and criticized "Patty" (Leslie's character, but never Leslie herself), to which Leslie responded by lashing out at Milo in a "directed attack at another user." Twitter responded by banning Milo, for "directing attacks at another user," which he literally never did. She then went on late shows and morning shows touting her success at destroying "hate speech," (since when are harsh movie critiques a crime?) and now people are calling her on her B.S., and some are showing her just what hate speech really is.

    To say that this is all happening just because she is a "successful" black woman is false. There are plenty of black women much more successful than her that are not being subjected to this abuse, and there are far, far more white women much less successful (and just as for that matter) who have been subjected to way worse criticism, bullying, hacking, and abuse.

    This is happening because she didn't have the ability to stomach a poor movie review, and in particular, a poor acting review on her part, from one journalist critic.

  • No, the harassment and racist hate speech isn't warranted.

    Leslie Jones seems to have confronted the most awful of the microblogging program, for the reason that many hundreds of individuals swamped her with racist twitter updates. The undeniable quantity of virulently racist communications encouraged Jones to respond, together with asking for Twitter to obtain more robust rules on hate speech.

  • The harassment she received is awful but...

    She herself has made racist comments in the past with no punishment. I'm not saying that this was her punishment, or karma by any means. However, a punishment is in order. Say i don't know, have her permanently banned from twitter. Seeing as she herself is pro-censorship. I believe the punishment should be related to the crime. Which in this case, if she makes racist statements to white people (Which she has many times), then, she clearly endorses racism, and is not as innocent as she seems

  • Unneccessary to hate on Leslie Jones

    I am still questioning why people still have such dark hearts when it comes to race. Leslie Jones should actually be celebrated for getting a role in such a pivotal film such as Ghostbusters, featuring a majority female cast. Why should race become an issue to degrade the film. I totally disagree, I feel that the hate is not warranted at all.

  • No, harrassment and racist hate speech are never warranted.

    No, the treatment of Leslie Jones is not warranted, under any circumstances. Leslie Jones is an actress and more importantly a citizen of United States. She is entitled to feel secure in her home and as a person. She has done absolutely nothing to deserve harassment or hate speech. While it is true that the freedom of speech does exist in the United States, that First Amendment right is not permitted to infringe upon the rights of another.

  • Not at all

    Leslie Jones has been subjected to a series of hateful attacks and violations of her privacy. None of this is in any way warranted. She is being attacked because she is a famous Black woman. First the Twitter attacks ,mother hacking her personal information. These were racist and sexist violations. Not warranted at all.

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