Do you believe that the U.S. government impedes too much into citizens' online privacy?

Asked by: erika_o14
  • As Americans, we have the right to lead personal lives free from discrimination and intrusion.

    The government's involvement into the personal lives of citizens has gone too far. A core value of America is one's right to self-expression, speech, and religion, to name a few. Americans value their right to be individuals unrestrained from government control or scrutiny. Additionally, specific ethnic, religious or cultural groups are singled out to be monitored based on bias and stereotypes of those who hold the authority to tap into one's internet activity. Minority groups will be targeted, making the scrutiny unfair and often discriminatory. The intrusion may be justified in cases where national security is at risk, but the government should take careful precautions to monitor in an unbiased and diplomatic manner. Unfortunately, bias will always be prevalent and inevitable and minority groups will be targeted as a result.

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