Do you believe that we are slowly destroying ourselves.

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  • Just look at a few years into the past

    You will realise that even though man did not have the "comforts" that he owns now, the amount of stress and things he had to work and fight for far less and better. Isn't it always better to have grown your grains or hunted your deer and built your own hut to, I am unable to pay rent for apartment or these burgers are not healthy to what not. I agree with what José Mujica, President of Uruguay had to say in the UN speech. This is not progress but devastation that we are bringing on to ourselves

  • All it takes is a war

    Einstein said "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones" and he was probably right back then. Now, a nuclear war would result in a Nuclear winter, assuming it's a bigger war, say Russia vs. USA. The sun is blotted out, our crops die, the air is polluted, game over.

    That's just one war. Humans can't live in peace. It doesn't work like that. Eventually, somethings going to happen, and when it does, it will all wrap up the human race.

  • An Animalistic, Relativistic Culture

    Unfortunately, there's not enough time or space to argue this here, but the moral relativism embraced all across society today on the world scale is destroying us. We no longer have standards for truth, beauty, or justice because progressives have made putting one thing (that is good) over another thing (that is bad) because they've concluded that the only way to rid society of poverty, crime, and war is to take away anything and everything to fight over. This is the most prominent and dangerous fallacy currently facing us.

  • We are destroying ourselves

    In this world nothing is really lasting. Some of the diseases that are out there is out there because we created some of them. Sitting down every day you lose life. Humans weren't made to sit down. We were made to walk long distance. Internet has made out health issue even greater. Yeah we live longer but with more depression because we are constantly not happy with the life we don't have than the ones we have.

  • Of course not

    Let's get things straight guys, humans are not as influential as we think we are. We may put out pollution on a large scale, but these pollutants are not affecting our atmosphere but a little. The real problem with pollutants is the health issues that arise from them. I am a strong supporter of human health and support, and putting anything above that, whether that be the earth, animals, or whatever else, just doesn't sit right with me. And did you know that some of the Black Carbons that we are emitting into our atmosphere are actually reacting with the oxygen in our air to form new ozone, to protect our planet from harmful radiation. So what do we do when our economy is in shambles. And the country is full of people trying to shut down our industry. Which happens to be the only thing keeping us afloat in these shaky times. Before you go and spout off angry rantings, just think about it for a little bit.

  • No! And before you get angry at me here's why.

    Global warming is not a problem like everyone thinks it is. The carbon output from natural things other than humans, such as volcanoes, surpasses the amount of carbon output from human sources. I agree with the opponent's claim that the internet is making us lazier, but that does not mean that we are killing the human race as a whole. Back to my original point about global warming. The earth has always gone through periods of warming and cooling. Just look at the ice age! Plus, even if the polar caps did melt (which they won't), Archimedes law of displacement wouldn't even matter! The water would get added, but since it still has the same mass as the ice that's currently there, the water levels would not rise. Don't believe me? Fill a glass halfway with water, place an ice cube in, then mark the water level that it's at. Wait until the ice melts. Did the water level rise? No. Do I believe we should take better care of the earth? Of course! The atmosphere is a precious commodity, but no human action would make a difference. Thank you.

    -Cameron Christensen

  • Not in the very least. Use Common Sense

    In futures studies and the history of technology, accelerating change is a perceived increase in the rate of technological (and sometimes social and cultural) progress throughout history, which may suggest faster and more profound change in the future. While many have suggested accelerating change, the popularity of this theory in modern times is closely associated with various advocates of the technological singularity, such as Vernor Vinge and Ray Kurzweil. From Wkipedia.
    Anyways, we are in a New Era of Technology, we are doing the opposite of destroying ourselves.

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