Do you believe the Confederate flag indicates a symbol of racism?

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  • State rights not slavery

    It stood for the southern states' rights. Lincoln was losing support in the North and people in the North were tired of losing males in the family. So Lincoln issued the empacition proclamation to rally the north. What some forget that blacks fought under the Confederate flag too. This is why the flag is not racist.

  • Not the Confederate Flag...

    There are actually 3 official Confederate flags, the Stars and Bars, the Stainless Banner, and the Blood-Stained Banner. They are the first, second, and third flags respectively. Of those flags, only the Stainless Banner and the Blood-Stained Banner share a resemblance with what is now generally considered to be Confederate flag.
    In fact, what is now called the Confederate flag is in fact either the Confederate Navy Jack, or the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia.
    That being said, I will say that these flags, except for the first, could be, and are, taken as a symbol of racism. This doesn't mean I think that we should ban any form of this flag, but that one should take into account the feelings of others when displaying the Confederate Navy Jack, or any other flag sporting a similar design.
    In short, the Confederate flag is not and was not meant to be, at least by the majority of Confederate soldiers, to be a symbol of racism. In fact, many considered it to be a symbol of Southern pride.

  • It's not a symbol of hate

    The Confederate flag is not a symbol of racism and is not meant to offend African-Americans. It is simply a symbol of Southern pride and heritage, as Byron Thomas, an African-American South Carolinian, puts it, "For me and many Southerners, the flag celebrates my heritage and regional pride."

    I believe it is time our nation moves passed "political correctness" and starts to build a thicker skin. This is one of the many reasons I support Mr. Donald Trump as president of the United States.

  • No more than any other flag,

    Including the American flag. Atrocities have been committed by countless nations throughout the history of the world - including the Confederate States of America. However, we can't forget that the atrocity of slavery that we often associate with the Confederate flag was a legal institution in the United States far longer than it was in the short lived Confederacy. If the Confederate flag is racist, so too is the flag of the U.S., Spain, Portugal, France, etc. that violated the human right to be free so long ago.

    Today, the Confederate flag is a symbol of unity among the Southern people, regardless of historical context. It has a history of being associated with racism solely due to the fact that it flew over the South while slavery was prominent. Even White supremacist groups that use the Confederate flag, used the American flag long before they picked up the Southern banner. The Klan marched down the streets of the capitol waving the Red White & Blue - but we don't say the American flag is a symbol of racism... So why would the Confederate flag be any different?

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