• No doubt about it

    One only has to do an hour or so really researching the subject before there are dozens of questions, most easily explainable on a flat earth universe. 200 proofs are easily available at theatlanteanconspiracy.Com, question everything. Gravity is a theory. Everything is exactly as we perceive it to be. Debate me on it.

  • A Russian sailor sailed around Antarctica, 16,400 miles.

    That is nowhere near a long enough ice wall to surround the rest of the continents and oceans. There are different stars seen in the southern hemisphere than in the northern hemisphere. That means up is pointing in a different direction, points to a spherical earth. You can see star trails with long exposure photography. They go counter clockwise in the northern hemisphere and counter clockwise in the southern hemisphere. Something is spinning.

  • We figured this out ages ago

    It has been scientifically proven over and over again the earth is round, not flat, and anyone who still believes that the earth is flat either started it out as an ironic joke and started to believe their own lie, or has willfully dismissed scientific facts that do not go against any religious teachings.

  • Obviously is round

    The Earth is obvioulsy not flat and is spherical in shape. This should not be a debate because science has proven it and we have photographic evidence that it is not flat. People who tend to believe these things nowadays are science deniers and do not want to know the truth.

  • They've proved it.

    No, I do not believe that the earth is flat, because we have sailed and flown all the way around the world. People who have gone into space have taken pictures of the earth and it is round. It is unlikely that we are being deceived to this magnitude. I have gone on many trips and I haven't fallen off the earth once.

  • No, I don't believe the earth is flat.

    Hundreds of years of scientific study has proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the earth is not flat, if the earth was flat people would be able to walk off the edge of it and that has never been recorded to have happened, we also have extensive photographs and video from our satellites which show earth as round not flat.

  • It Is Round

    I do not believe the Earth is flat. Please Google Earth and observe the pictures taken from space. It clearly is not flat and we've known that for a very long time. If you are not impressed with the pictures, please go back to school, you clearly did not learn what was required.

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