Do you believe the Internet brings humans closer together (yes) or farther apart (no)?

  • Yes,the Internet ultimately serves to bring humans closer to one another.

    Yes, the Internet does bring individuals closer to one another, although it can sometimes appear as though it pushes people into solitude. Even when people are using computers and smartphones in settings in which they might have been more physically social in the past, they are usually communicating in different ways. In other words, it has simply changed the ways in which we interact and bond, not the amount of interaction that we experience.

  • Overall closer together

    Of course there is the problem that the Internet creates an anonymous presence so you don't have to really connect with anyone, but overall I think it brings people closer. It makes it much easier to share your life as well as to connect and reconnect with people from all over the place.

  • It is dividing us

    It is dividing us more and more because kids no longer go outside to play with their friends they sit in the house now on facebook, instagram, and twitter and they are not getting any exercise what so ever during this time. So getting to know others is becoming an anti-social behavior now. Everything is internet this and that.

  • Ruins Social Interactions

    I believe the Internet ruins social interactions in person and therefore it does not bring humans closer together. Yes, it can make communication easier but it seems people usually use this for business purposes, nor personal communication. I think people are too focused on their phones, especially in real social interactions.

  • Physical closeness if farther apart.

    Although the Internet does allow people to communicate who would not otherwise do so, it also allows for more superficial relationships and less intimate ones. People are less likely to meet in person because of the Internet. The Internet also makes it easier for people to say things they would not have the courage to say if they had been face to face. This is not good for relationships.

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