Do you believe the Patriot Act should be repealed?

  • How is it even constitutional?

    Shouldn't this not be even possible? What good is the constitution if it can be set aside whenever congress wants to set it aside. The whole point was that these rights could not be removed ever unless there was some form of ratification. This should have been struck down before it even became law.

  • The Patriot Act has constantly been abused, even though there were multiple political promises that it would not be.

    The Patriot Act contains lots of violations of the Fourth Amendment, which states that others don’t have the right to violate our homes in unreasonable searches and seizures
    some statements found in the Patriot Act are:
    the ‘library provision’, which allows the State to monitor your reading habits, even if you don’t have any connections to terrorism
    national security letters, allow the FBI to spy on you, and the service providers who share your private info cannot tell you anything about it
    provisions that require banks to report your financial activities to federal agents
    although these statements were supposed to be used to stop terrorism, but research proves that the Patriot Act would not have prevented 9-11, and is not needed to combat future terrorist attacks

  • "He who sacrifices liberty for security deserves neither" - Benjamin Franklin

    The USA Patriot Act has destroyed many fundamental American liberties. The USA ranks lower in press freedom than Botswana, Lower on the Democracy index than Uruguay and lower on the Failed States index than Slovenia. The Patriot Act and legislation like it has been supported and promoted by idiotic politicians from both sides of the isle and is genuinely Un-American. Therefore, the Patriot Act and all legislation similar to it should be repealed (also, abolish the NSA).

  • It’s Time To Repeal The PATRIOT Act.

    Now exposed, leaders of both parties are piously pointing to the PATRIOT Act, saying that it legalized this wholesale, everyday invasion of our privacy, so we shouldn’t be surprised, much less upset by the NSA’s surreptitious peekaboo program. That grotesque, ever-mutating, hydra-headed monstrosity from the Bush-Cheney Little Shop of Horrors — has risen again, this time with an added twist of Orwellian intrusiveness from the Obamacans.

  • Yes, the Patriot Act should be repealed.

    In times of national emergency, yes I believe the Patriot Act could have been useful in finding important pieces of information in invasive measures. However, as threats have subsided a bit, the government still retains the option to do whatever they "feel" is necessary to preserve the peace. Spying on its own citizens and circumventing the constitution that the nation was founded on is wrong. People deserve the right to privacy.

  • its not nice to spy on your own people

    They really do seem to go overboard with the law. Unless, our government has proof that someone is dangerous, then they should not be allowed to tap into our communication devices. They should not be allowed to ask companies for records unless they have proof. If they have no proof, then sorry, no monitoring of people. The Patriot Act, should at the very least be reformed.

  • Yes, The Patriot Act should be repealed.

    How the Patriot Act ever passed is a mystery to many Americans. One day they were just told of the new law's existence and its ability to record the private details of many American lives. It is a gross infringement on civil liberties and should have never existed to begin with. Thus, the Patriot Act should be repealed

  • Don't repeal it.

    The Patriot Act should not be repealed. There are too many protections in it that we need to make sure that in a post 9/11 world we are safe and secure in our own country. If we did not have these measures, then we would not always know the source of terroristic threats and funds for large purchases.

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