Do you believe 'The Rape of Nanking' was worse than the Jewish Holocaust?

  • Rape of Nanking

    Of course they are both extremely tragic and I agree with everything natethegreat stated. Just wanted to add- those that say the numbers aren't there should consider not basing their decision on the numbers. A nurse kills a patient in their sleep...Or a person rapes a someone, stabs them 50 times, mutilates their body and dismembers them....Both crimes equal to 1 death but the horrific scale is tragically different.

  • More barbaric than nazis

    Both are great crimes against humanity but Nanjing is far worse with people being gang raped ,mutilated, tortured and killed ,whereas Nazis were killing Jews in an industrialized and sophisticated methods with the main aim to exterminate Jews not inflicting pain.
    Therefore i say rape of Nanjing is far more barbaric and inhuman compared to Holocaust though bot are equivalently depressing

  • Way worse IMO

    The holocaust was more like a prison than anything else. The Jews were escorted to their death unknowingly. Nobody around there knew they were going to be executed until they were. The rape of Nanking was different in the sense that it was also a psychological genocide. There were bodies lining the streets, mutilated and devoured. Everybody knew of their imminent death. And the acts performed unto innocent people by the Japanese army were absolutely disgusting to normal human moral. They cut out fetuses from pregnant women and threw them around for fun. They also don't call it the rape of Nanking for nothing. Research this and you can see for yourself the countless atrocities of this genocide.

  • The Rape Of Nanking

    I personally think that historians and scholar are not certain of the number killed during the Nanking Massacre but the events surrounding this case of ethnic cleansing are comparable to that of the Holocaust in Europe. Just because an even does not receive as much political press as the Holocaust does not indicate that they can't be on part with it

  • There is no worse, they are both awful.

    There is no contest for misery. The Rape of Nanking and the Jewish Holocaust were both horrific acts in the history of mankind. Both involved millions of deaths and unspeakable amounts of human suffering, the effects of which are still felt to this day. You cannot and should not have a contest for "worst" like this.

  • The Numbers Aren't There

    I do not believe The Rape of Nanking was worse than the Jewish Holocaust. I believe this events surrounding The Rape of Nanking were just as bad as those of the Holocaust but historians are very unsure of the numbers involved with The Rape of Nanking and given the estimates I believe the death toll was lower.

  • Both were horrible.

    Both were horrible events that never should have taken place. Any time people, or even just one person, is murdered or raped it is terrible. The Japanese military had a couple of episodes around that time. Unit 731, for example, which was as horrible as anything the Nazi army ever did, but then, they were allies. I wouldn't say any one was worse, both were bad.

  • Just As Bad

    Atrocities in Europe and Asia from the 1930s into the 1940s were equally as bad. The Holocaust and the rape of Nanking both showed the worst of humanity. Hopefully, we have learned our lessons since then and no such genocide will happen in the future. No one deserves to have such horrors placed upon them.

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