Do you believe there is value in organized religion?

  • Yes, I believe that organized religion can offer people comfort and hope.

    Although I am not religious myself, I do believe that there is value in religion. I have seen people gain comfort from connecting with others in their church, mosque, synagogue, etc. I have seen people integrate into new communities more effectively through tapping into these networks. Finally, I think religion motivates many people to make strong choices and act in moral and ethical ways. While I don't think religion is necessary to do these things, I think it can provide a meaningful access point for people.

  • Yes, I do

    I think the core values of the religion all point towards the good nature of people. It is human nature to change those traits to what they think they are. The religious persecution is just people not caring about anyone, but themselves. I think as long as religion is around, there will be some value as long as its not another dark ages.

  • There is value in organized religion.

    Yes, there can be value in organized religion, even though it has been the cause of much hatred and other negative things that have occurred throughout history. The fact is, organized religion can instill acceptable moral values in individuals that may have been lacking such in their family's home environment. Organized religion can also provide social support to those in need in their communities.

  • To some people

    To other people there is no value in organized religion. There is much value for the people who do believe in organized religion. They like what it does for their kids and for themselves too. It gives them piece of mind and makes them feel better about themselves. Of course, I think any organized group could do that for people if they wanted.

  • Yes, it serves an important purpose

    I think most people need something to believe in to make them feel like they have a purpose. This is the greatest benefit of religion. Some people also need religion to give them a reason to act in responsible way. However, no religion should ever be imposed on a person. Doing so would negate any possible benefit.

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