Do you believe Trump misappropriated his foundation's funds for his own personal gain?

  • Yes, he did.

    Trump is all about looking out for number one, himself. Everything he does is for his own personal gain. He has no interest in anyone besides himself and is just looking to grow his own brand. Whatever he took the money for it was for his own personal gain in some way.

  • Yes, Donald Trump has used his foundation's funds for unlawful political donations

    Yes, Donald Trump donated thousands of dollars from his foundations funds, to the reelection campaign of the Florida Attorney General. The donation was for his personal gain because the Florida Attorney General's office was investigating claims against Trump University. Further, No one in Donald Trump family has actually given money to the Trump Foundation in several years. Mr. Trump to other peoples donations and used them to pressure the Florida Attorney General to drop her investigation into Trump University.

  • Yes, he is greedy.

    I totally believe Trump misappropriated his foundation's funds for his own personal gain. Trump comes out as bully who can not listen to anybody even when been directed on the right path. The fact that he can not account for every single cent from his foundation is an indication that he squandered the cash.

  • He has enough money.

    No, Trump did not misappropriate his foundation's funds for personal gain, because Trump has enough money. Trump has other ways to make money besides cheating other people. That is something the Clinton's do, not the Trumps. Trump is busy with business ventures and does not directly oversee operations with the foundation, anyways.

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