Do you believe we should revive the lost art of writing letters?

  • It provides jobs

    When someone sends a letter it does not just magically appear in your mailbox. It goes to a place where people sort out all the mail then they are delivered to the local post office and from there are given out by mailmen. Reviving letter writing will be providing more jobs for people and with poverty increasing that is what we need most right now

  • Letter writing is necessary

    I think, its an important means of communication, despite its old age because its not only gives you a personal feeling and cherishes you with a thought of importance that, the writer spend his valuable time on writing the letter, suggesting the importance that he/she give to that person, to whom he/she addressing. I also help to communicate through proper words rather than slang or pseudo words, we often use through electronic communication. Words, written by ones hand gave feeling of liveliness and tactileness

  • Yes, letters are intimate

    The written word encloses added value...
    The handwritten form means dedication and care for the destinee of our labour and time.
    The handwritten form, is slow but thoughtful.
    The handwritten form, lasts more time.
    The handwritten form, requires felt meaning.
    The handwritten form, is an exercise of self analysis, its a biography.

  • I believe we should revive the lost art of writing letters.

    I believe we should revive the lost art of writing letters. The art of letter writing is a much more intimate and personal form of communication than today's modern forms of communication such as email or text messaging. Writing letters manually is useful in the even of computer malfunction and loss of ability to communicate electronically.

  • Yes, letters are useful and meaningful

    Yes, we should revive the art of writing letters. There's something special about receiving a letter that someone has taken the time to write out. Online communication is great for fast transmission, but nothing says we can't have both. Letter writing is also a great way for young people to work on their handwriting, spelling, and grammar. Those things are suffering in the age of texting and instant messaging, and writing letters could help improve that.

  • No we shouldn't revive writing letters.

    While I don't have a problem with somebody who decides to write a traditional letter, it's not really something we should place too much significance about. I think that writing letters is no longer necessary. Most people can accomplish their goals by writing an email or giving somebody a call.

  • No, I don't think we should revive the lost art of writing letters.

    I think handwriting letters is a sign of the past, communication in today's world needs to be fast and quick and emails fit that need, writing letters takes too much time and often when the letter gets there the information in it is out of date, so I believe overall letter writing is something that will die off and probably should stay that way.

  • Now We Write E-mails

    The art of letter writing is pretty much done. Most people write emails and text messages. Yet somehow the U.S. Postal Service still exists despite the agency losing billions of dollars every year. Some traditions should be left alone to disappear, and letter writing should be one of them. Emails, video messages and text messages are more efficient and save money in addition to trees.

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