• I doubt that President Obama was born in Hawaii

    I believe that it is more likely that president Obama was born in Kenya, not because it doesn't make sense that he was born in Hawaii, but because there is such a lack of documentation to prove that he was. The documents he has provided have often been questioned about authenticity. I think if he were born here, it would not be so difficult to prove beyond any doubt.

  • His birth certificate was proven to be fake.

    An investigation was launched into Obama's birth certificate and it was in fact revealed that there were 9 signs of forgery on the document. 2 other leading forensic experts have also confirmed that the document is a forgery. This video explains it very well and even shows why it is a forgery on the document.


  • Are we still talking about this?

    For a long time the "birthers" demanded a birth certificate. This has never been done for any other president. Then when a birth certificate was produced they started saying it was a fake, even though officials in Hawaii said it was authentic. Here is a quote from Loretta Fuddy. "I have seen the original records filed at the Department of Health and attest to the authenticity of the certified copies the department provided to the President that further prove the fact that he was born in Hawaii."

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