Do you feel as if the 4.1 magnitude aftershock has severely hampered Italy's rescuing efforts from their 6.2 earthquake?

  • More damage was done

    Of course the aftershock hampered rescue efforts, as it collapsed more buildings that were already damaged and made rescuers pause in their efforts. Everyone expected the aftershocks, but that didn't change the fact that the damage it caused made it harder to find people, and sent even more people into a panic.

  • Yes, a 4.1 magnitude earthquake is significant.

    Yes, a 4.1 magnitude aftershock is big, and in Italy where the older buildings aren't made to withstand the ground shaking, it's enough to cause more damage. As a result, the rescue efforts have been hampered. With more buildings and infrastructure crumbling, it makes it that much harder to rescue people.

  • Yes, the 4.1 magnitude aftershock has hampered Italy's rescue efforts.

    Recovery crews carry on looking for survivors in center Italy after an earthquake slaughtered 100s. Recovery personnel recognized Friday they may not come across more survivors from Italy's earthquake due to the fact they dealt with a brand new hindrance to their recuperation effort. A strong aftershock affected a pair of crucial admittance bridges to Amatrice.

  • No I do not believe that the aftershock has hampered Italy's rescue efforts.

    For a country such as Italy full of rich culture and a highly extensive past, an earthquake can be detrimental. The reason being is that the buildings in such older countries, are not up to modern codes and are subject to collapse under earthquakes of a higher magnitude. The aftershock certainly did further damage, however the older buildings are the real culprit behind the hampered rescue efforts.

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