• Yes I Do!!

    I have cheated 3 times. The first time I cheated I was doing a maths exam and I didn't get caught and I knew I was lucky to not face the consequence. 2nd and 3rd time I got got 2nd time I was upfront about everything and got 1 day suspension. 3rd time is on an assignment and I didn't get marked on. And To this day I still feel horrible and thing that I'll become homeless when I'm older

  • Definitely, I feel like an awful person now...

    I cheated on a maths test by finding the paper and mark scheme online and ended up topping the class by at least 20/25 marks (about 20%). My teacher even came to find me to say that my paper was phenomenal, and she now says I'm the best mathematician she has ever taught. I feel so awful and I can't tell anyone because they would never trust me again. I have always been a good student in my maths class but now I am going to have to put so much work in to come anywhere near to those grades or otherwise I'd look like a fool. I shouldn't have cheated and I can't cheat in GCSEs anyway, I should have thought this through properly.

  • It really sucks

    Today my friend and I got caught. We were working on an assignment and I let her take a picture of the answers. That teacher saw the picture and is going to notify our parents. I told my parents before hand, an they said we are going to have a talk when we get home, and I can't stop feeling terrible ad it really sucks.

  • Oh my god yes!

    I cheated on a test today and I think my teacher is suspicious and u feel so guilty but I don't want to tell her. I feel so bad inside and I promised myself I would never do it again but I feel so bad and I feel like I want to throw up.

  • Getting Caught Sucks

    Me and a friend once were in the same Spanish class. As the year went on the two of us started caring less and less about our grades, and then one day there was a test. We kinda worked together on it. We got caught and if we hadn't gotten zeros for cheating, we each would have only gotten a 63% (still not quite passing). Getting caught sucks and I felt so guilty about it once my parents talked to me about it (the both got emails).

  • I cheated on a test and I feel terrible..

    I took my Welsh writing exam recently. I took two speaking tests before that and it was fine. I managed to get good marks in those and doing well made me feel good. And then I just started thinking that I could do anything. I didn't need to revise. I didn't want to. I thought to myself 'no biggie. I'll pass.' But then I started doubting myself. I hardly knew the first few lines and as the exam crept closer, I became more and more worried. I cheated. And it's eating away at me. I want to own up and I want to apoligise, but I 'm scared. I want to be trusted and how can they trust me knowing that I'm a cheat. My teacher has always been really nice to me and I'm upset that I've betrayed her. It's pointless cheating. The only person you really cheat is yourself. You don't earn whatever mark you get, you just steal it. I'm sorry.

  • Yes I do.

    Yes I feel bad if I cheat on a test, or on anything else in life. I do not feel the need to cheat on things, because I would want to know how knowledgeable I actually am in that subject rather than dismiss it and ruin my chance at getting better.

  • Why Of Course!

    It is not a "test" if you cheat. And the only reason one cheats is because they are lacking the proper knowledge themselves. We all come ill-prepared at differing times in life, so let us not confuse bringing your F-game, and forging and A-game. Counterfeiting is illegal and cheating is counterfeiting oneself!

  • Perhaps I lack Shame

    Perhaps my personality is just shameless, but I suspect there are other reasons
    1) Many students cheat to a certain degree. Maybe not on huge tests like the ACT, but smaller quizzes and homework, yeah students copy off of each other, and it usually viewed more as helping someone out who is in a situation that you empathize with.
    2) It does take a certain amount of nerve and skill to cheat on quizzes or tests, and so I feel there's still credit you can give to yourself. Creating a plan with your friends or just having the nerve to do something on the fly to get a couple extra points. Of course when you think back on it you may realize there was nothing to be worried about, but often people feel more pressure than they realistically need to in the heat of the moment.

  • You gotta do what you gotta do

    Ya know if u put in the effort and planning to cheat and succeed then your earnt the mark you got from that 100%. But if u cheated and got caught then u deserved the 0 too. Life isnt fair so you gotta make your own way in the world

  • I do not feel bad

    Honestly if I cheat on a test I have just saved myself some valuable time. Thats called being productive. Also I take too many subjects I dont care about so really Im just saving myself from getting into trouble. I dont go out of my way to cheat but if and when the opportunity presents itself Ill gladly take it.

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