Do you feel like wearing a school uniform would stifle your creativity and your individuality?

  • We're forced to all dress the same.

    When you squint your eyes the students all merge into one grey blur. When you look at a random person on the streets you can immediately read a lot about what they are like just by one look of their clothing, but in school you just have to just assume they are all just some students because there is no way of seeing who they truly are due to the uniforms.

  • Clothes show who you are

    Expressing your personality is a big thing, Even though they bring a school together you get to express your self and show your personality.
    Uniforms cost a fortune and bullying is sometimes based on what school you go to because your a geek. You show your creativity and personality. T says alot about you

  • Your clothes say a lot about you.

    If you replace street clothes with regular clothes then you won't be able to express your feelings and your personality. Everyone argues that uniforms can help with bullying and less expensive where as that is the complete opposite of the situation. School uniforms can cost a fortune and a bully will continue to pick on there target regardless of what they're wearing.

  • I agree with this statement

    Maybe it's something to do with my libertarian attitudes, but while school uniform might not stifle our creativity, it's still to me a violation of certain freedoms. Maybe not by law, but it feels like that to the people. The state really cannot enforce this, yet they can suspend pupils for not having the right uniform! :<

  • Actions and Words Speak Louder Than Clothes

    Clothes really have no impact on creativity and individuality. Those traits are influenced by what kind of person you are, not by what kind of clothes you wear. With a school uniform, there is no "competition" to have the coolest clothes or top fashion. There is no bullying based on clothes and there is no stifling of creativity.

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