Do you feel that child molestation laws should become stricter?

  • It's Not Fair

    Children suffer mentally from being molested or raped. Child molesters get out of prison and do it again. Not to mention all the cases that go unreported! Then the law does nothing really about it if the case is inconvenient. I think that if the offender is right handed, his/her right hand should be cut off with ten years of prison. Likewise with the left hand. Whichever hand. That way he/she cannot do it again and all of society will know everywhere that person is a molester/offender. If they do it again, then off with the left hand. If they repeat the crime again, then off with his/her private part. Children go through self esteem issues, self rejection, they feel dirty, early sexual activity, confusion, ect. Stricter sex offender laws on those who sexually abuse children under 18!!!! Now!!!

  • Yes, child molestation laws should be stricter

    Child molestation laws should be much stricter. Child molestation is a horrible crime with consequences that follow the children involved for many years, sometimes their whole lives. The impact on society is high also, because of people who need years of therapy and may never become productive members of society. Laws against child molestation should be strict enough to keep them from getting to more victims.

  • Stricter laws for molesters

    There should be stricter laws to protect the general public from child molesters. Politicians should pass these laws as quickly as can pass their governmental bodies. The molesters do not deserve any sympathy or any mercy. They are destroying a child's life forever and people do not have any tolerance for that.

  • Yes, they should be.

    I have no pity for child molesters at all. Not only do they put children through a horrifying experience, but there are long term psychological problems that arise from this sort of abuse. And, in many cases, it turns the child suicidal or violent. There are also other problems, like PTSD.

  • They get away with it.

    Yes, I feel that child molestation laws should become stricter, because some many prosecutors punt and do not actually prosecute the crimes. They say that the victims are too young to withstand the prosecution, but that only allows the person to go out and do another crime and hurt another person.

  • yes i do

    Yes, I think that the laws on child molestation do need to be a whole lot stricter, and that it is a huge problem that is going on in the world as it is today. I think that we need to make it to where we can catch them all.

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