• Not everyone deserves to live, but everyone is worth saving

    This is all based on personal perception and not statistical fact, but I would like to believe that all people are worth saving. It is a very naive perception I am aware of that but I would rather give everyone a chance to understand their perceptions, and please no hate

  • I enjoy misanthropes:

    Most of them want to be left alone, aren't violent, and are decent enough in order to get you to leave them be. They are wonderful people who I wish there were more of because they leave you be as well, grant you what they can if necessary, and are generally more socially acceptable to draw as little attention to themselves as possible.

  • That's Their Prerogative

    It is simply stupid to hate someone on the basis of their personality if they are not actually harmful in any way. Typically misanthropes tend to be rather peaceful introverts who would prefer to just keep out of the affairs of others and be extended that same courtesy. Leave them alone, and they are usually perfectly agreeable people.

  • Misanthropy is simply logical:

    Given the historical state of humanity it only makes sense to be disgusted by humans and what they do-- and don't do. If any other species did half of what humans do, every government would seek its destruction. Humans are a virus, and if humanity doesn't change it deserves extinction.

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